Nara Brahmani

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Nara Brahmani

Nara Brahmani is the daughter of Nandamuri Bala Krishna and Nandamuri Vasundhara, and the granddaughter of the first superstar of Telugu Cinema the Late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. Nara Brahmani date of birth is 27th August 1988 and Nara Brahmani age is 29 years.   Nara Brahmani is one who came from a rich and an affluent family. She is a good merit one regarding the educational qualifications.

Nara Brahmani Birthday 27th August 1988
 Brahmani Father Nandamuri Bala Krishna
 Brahmani Mother Nandamuri Vasundhara
Brahmani Husband Nara Lokesh
Nara Brahmani Son Nara Devansh
Nara Brahmani Age 29 years

Nara Brahmani

She pursued her Masters from Santa Clara University in the Electrical Engineering discipline and he was awarded an Academic Award for securing the highest CGPA. While she is pursuing her MBA, she got seats in the top four colleges in the world, the colleges are nothing but the Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg and Stanford Universities.   So among them, Brahmani pursued her MBA in the famous Stanford Graduate School of Business in the year 2011-2013.

Nara Brahmani

Professional Life of Nara Brahmani:

Nara Brahmani is been married Nara Lokesh, son of Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and Smt. Vasundhara in the year 2007. Nara Devansh is the son of  Nara Brahmani and Nara Lokesh. After marriage, Nara Brahmani is been one of the Executive Director of Heritage Foods Pvt Ltd. A heritage which is one of the India’s leading and the largest and the reputed FMCG company.

Nara Brahmani

Coming to the Heritage Company, it is been found in 1992 at Hyderabad. But it is been extended to Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Delhi. This company had four different strategic divisions  as Dairy, Retail, Agri, and Bakery. The Heritage company retail stores are currently under the brand name “Heritage Fresh”. Along the Executive Director,  Nara Brahmani has been the Vice President for the Business Development of Heritage Foods Ltd. In the year 2011. She has also been the Assistant Brand Manager Kids Intern for the Danone company in the year 2012. Also, she is the Investment Associate for the Vertex Venture Management Pvt Ltd, Singapore in the year 2011.

Nara Brahmani

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Nara Brahmani, official Executive Director, said that the role of Chandrababu lies in setting out the basics for Heritage, when he established it. The main point of the organization is agriculturists’ welfare, which is as yet the guiding factor, she said. Corporate governance and effectiveness too are something which were ingrained in Heritage family from the very beginning and they are altogether imspired by it, she said. As far everyday affairs are concerned, they have a perssonnal from CEOs to others, who manage it. To the extent Nara Bhuvaneswari is concerned, she voyages a ton and knows the intricate details of field work, she included.

Brahmani, who is official chief of Heritage Foods, the organization possessed by the family, took the centre stage on the second day of the three-day gathering being gone to by women delegates from India and abroad.The lovely businessperson shared her thoughts on women strengthening, the significance of training to accomplish this and eulogized her grand father late N.T. Rama Rao and father-in-law Chandrababu Naidu for their intiates to enable women.

Nara Brahmani

Nara Brahmani, wife of TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh and the Director of Heritage Foods has tended to National Women’s Parliament 2017 on the second day at Amaravati. Brahmani has heaped praise on the previous Chief Minister Late NT Rama Rao and said that NTR had brought forth a law for the first time in the Country giving equal rights to women and ancestral property. She continued saying that the same principles set by NTR have been carried out by the Chief Minister of the State.

Nara Brahmani



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