Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

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Nearest Temples in Thanjavur:

Nearest Temples in Thanjavur: Planning a trip to the temples around Thanjavur? Then you are at a right place !! Here we have listed out the important Thanjavur temples list. Check out the temples near Tanjavur and visit the Thanjavur tourist places list with a perfect plan. There are a huge number of Thanjavur at Trichy to visit, if you are looking for temples to visit in Thanjavur but don’t have an idea regarding the list of temples in Thanjavur and Thanjavur temples timings read the complete article. Read the Thanjavur temples list completely and plan a trip to the temples in Thanjavur. we are suggesting to take a help of a Thanjavur travel guide.

Thanjavur Temple:

People who are interested to visit the Thanjavur tourist places they can contact to Thanjavur tourism, there are a huge number of temples in Thanjavur. check out the Thanjavur tourist places here, we have listed out tourist places in Thanjavur. All the viewers, who are interested to know about the Thanjavur temple list and Thanjavur hotels near temple can check this article completely. Read all the tourist places in Tanjore and get some idea regarding temples in Thanjavur with details and Thanjavur tourist places list. check out the Nearest Temples in Thanjavur city.


Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

Bangaru Kamakshi:

The deity is in gold idol and the deity is in standing position. Bangaru Kamakshi temple is dedicated to goddess Kamakshi and the idol was mainly in the Kamakshi temple in Kanchi. The idol was made up of solid gold and also it was shifted from the Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple to protect it from the Mugal invasion. The idol was wrapped with the shiny surface and also the cloth. Earlier the idol was covered with the cloth and also with punugu. Nowadays also, the idol is covered with punugu. At Navarathri abhishekams, the herbs are smeared on idol and give more attractive on Goddess Kamakshi.

Bangaru Kamakshi TempleTiming:

This temple remains open from 6.00 AM to 12.00PM in the morning and 4.00PM to 9.00PM in the evening.

Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

Brahadeeswara Temple:

The Brahadeeswara Temple is one of the largest temples in Thanjavur which was constructed by the Raja Raja Chola – I. Brahadeeswara Temple is treated as a most visiting temple in south India. It is dedicated to the lord shiva, the temple architecture is built on the stone structure with hundreds of Lingams. A trip to Thanjavur cannot be finished without visiting the Brahadeeswara Temple. The Brihadishwara temple is surrounded by the gardens and also the temple complex was at its free of cost.

Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

Airavateshwara Temple

The Airavateshwara Temple was situated in Darasuram. The white elephant of lord shiva which is known as Airavata. It is also said that the Lord Yama has worshipped God Shiva at Airavateshwara Temple. As per the other temples at Thanjavur, the Airavateshwara Temple was treated as greatest living Chola temples.

Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

Thanjavur Royal Palace:

The Thanjavur Royal Palace was located in Vijayanagara fort complex and it was one of the Nayak king’s residences. There are a huge number of places like Nayak Hall, Saraswati Mahal and also Durbar Hall. The Nayak hall is called as Chola kingdom, the durbar hall is constructed by Marathas and the people who visit Thanjavur they should definitely visit the Thanjavur Royal Palace.


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Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

Sukkiran Temple:

The Sukkiran Temple is a temple which was known as Navagraha Temple and which is treated as auspicious to visit the Sukkiran Temple on Friday. Sukkiran Temple is situated in a small village and it is a very best idea to get the local way of life here. Sukkiran Temple routes are scenic and also beautiful. Sukkiran Temple is treated as for example of great architecture. People who are visiting the Tanjavur don’t miss this Sukkiran Temple.

Thirumananjeri Temple:

The Thirumananjeri Temple is known for wishes, marriage blessings and also many other occasions. The Thirumananjeri Temple is very famous for fulfilling the wishes. Thirumananjeri Temple is also one of the examples of the architecture and also the carvings of gods as well as a goddess. This Thirumananjeri Temple is one has to visit again with their spouse to seek the blessings. Visitors who are seeking for the Thanjavur temples list they should definitely visit this place.

Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

The Seforji Sarasvati Mahal Library:

The Seforji Sarasvati Mahal Library was situated in the palace complex. The Seforji Sarasvati Mahal Library is a museum which has collected a lot of repute for being residence to the old manuscripts. The paintings give the viewer a world functioned. This is the most visited place for all the visitors. Don’t miss to watch this The Seforji Sarasvati Mahal Library.

Nearest Temples in Thanjavur

Gangaikonda Temple

The Gangaikonda Temple was located in Thanjavur and it was also treated as one of the examples of beautiful temple carvings. The Gangaikonda Temple has been declared as one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The Gangaikonda Temple is about the thousand of years old and it is a main part of the Tamil history.


Nearest Temples in Thanjavur






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