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Online Scams- Red Alert

Hello sir..I hope I am not disturbing you and I am sorry to have to do this..I have fallen on hard times and I am at a lost of what to do. My Grandmother was hospitalized for two months and had to undergo surgery to save her life. I am the only one supporting our family so this events had left me financially drained.Right now I am in danger of losing my home and I am literally broke Im only getting by with the retail of my products but I might also lose my business due to lack of funds. Praying to the Lord for guidance a thought came to me to try to message you. I know this is awkward and we don’t know each other personally but Im just hoping I could appeal to your good heart. I am asking for your favor I ask for your help financially I’ll make sure to return it as soon as I recover. Again Im sorry sir to have to do this but I do all this for my family. You struck me as a person who cares and I am appealing to your good heart. Embarrassing as it may but rigth now I really dont have other options I pray that you would help me. I would include my bank account details here if ever. I thank you in Advance sir and May God Bless you more… Bank Account Details: Name: Gerald Angeles Bank: Banco De Oro Acct Number: 001960261167 Routing Number: 010530667 Swift code: BNORPHMM



Hello Sir I wish you good health and happiness upon reading my name is Gerald Angeles from Bacolod City Philippines. I am writing to you sir to ask for your help my Grand Mother had a stroke last January of this year by God’s Grace she survive but right now as we start the year she had a second attacked we are currently at the hospital..I am a call center agent and my Mom works as a nursing Aide with our combined income we are unable to pay the Loan we had, to pay for my Grandmothers hospitalization last year and now here we are again back at the hospital..My biggest problem is that I have already approached everyone to ask for help but no one could help us we are in danger of losing our home since we used it as collateral for the Loan..Im sorry to have to do this sir but Im just trying if ever you would be able to help us..I know this is awkward and you dont know me personally but im just trying to appeal to your good heart that you would find it in your heart to help a less fortunate people like us.. I was browsing thru the net to look for an institution that help people like us but instead I stumbled upon your FB page..I know God has a reason for everything and that I think that its also the Lord who led me to you..with this sir embarrassing as it may I would like to appeal to you good heart sir I ask for your favor please help and my family will forever be grateful of your help and once we recover will make sure to pay it back or even pay it forward to those would need the same kindness..I pray that you would help us..thank you and may God Bless you and your Family..


Beware Online Scams

Sir Im sorry to have to do this sir I know we are a complete stranger but I am just hoping you could find it in your heart to help us…we are not bad people we are a simple family facing this big challenge and is in need of any help we can get..I hope and I pray that you would help us sir.


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Online Scam

I will leave my bank account Details here I pray that you would help us..I thank you in advance and may the Lord Bless you more for your kindness… Bank Account Details: Name: Gerald Angeles Bank: Banco De Oro Acct Number: 001960261167 Routing Number: 010530667 Swift code: BNORPHMM


Here’s a Picture of my Grandma we were admitted again earlier she had a second attacked..Shes fighting hard to survive and I am doing all I can to provide her all the medical care she needs..but My resources are really just hoping you could find it in your heart to help us pls..





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