Non Creamy Layer Certificate

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Non Creamy Layer Certificate

A Non Creamy Layer Certificate is the certificate given to the people whose annual income is less than 6 lakh rupees. Non Creamy Layer is used to refer the family whose family income is less than 6 lakh and are eligible for the government sponsored education and the professional benefit programs that are eligible for reservation. The people who are eligible for this are the OBC category people. By the issue of this certificate, it allows the holder to receive various benefits from the government .If a candidate is not having a non creamy layer certificate, then he/she is not applicable to the reservation even though they belongs to OBC. The issue of the Non Creamy Layer Certificate is an offline process. It is been issued from the City District office. There will be a application for the Non Creamy Layer Certificate Online:

Documents Required:

The following are the required documents that are to be required for the Non Creamy Layer Certificate: a Rs 5 Court Fee Stamp, Caste Certificate of Candidate, Income of all earning family members should be members should be mentioned, Bonafadite Certificate to be produced in case of Children who are studying, Bonafadite Certificate of Candidate(If the candidate is the person then the application should be made by the major person. If the candidate is minor then the applicant can be a Father, Mother, etc… ) , Parent Income Certificate, Salary Certificate, Residence Proof, Affidavit in the prescribed form. It is  be noted that all the documents that are mentioned above are to be attested by the SEO/ Gazetted Officers only.

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After submitting the application and the other required documents that are mentioned above are to be submitted at the City District Office. The Non Creamy Layer Certificates will be issued normally within 15 days after the submission of the documents. It is to be observed that the documents and the application are to be signed by the applicant. If the applicant is a minor, it is to be signed by the Adult Guardian.  The non creamy layer certificate validity is based upon the time period the applicant receives.The non creamy layer income limit 2017 gives the complete instructions of the annual income limit.



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