Oldest language in the world

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Which is the oldest language in the world – Tamil or Sanskrit

Oldest language in the world where all the languages were born in the Pre-literate stage, which is known and spoken with written scripts were founded. The Rig Veda is pronounced in Sanskrit was orally communicated. Tamil is one which have symbols represented by vowels have direct forms for long and short sounds among the other Indo European languages within the Dravidian languages. Examples are short ah, and longer ahh, short e, and longer ee. For both Sanskrit and the dravidic languages have the facility which was represented for invention of scripts in the past in India, that means in literate forms also both sets of languages have the same age.

oldest language in the world

It doesnt mean the Dravidian language will not have their own written symbols and give importance and there is no archaeological evidence to decided this. Despite after observing the few characters which were seen on seals from the Indus Valley civilization are Dravidian, scholars mainly do not agree. I think it is undeciphered as far.

Oldest language in the World

Robert Caldwell is a bishop has academically came up with the division of Dravidian languages. He also proved that Dravidian words were there at outside India as far as Elam, within Mesopotamia. Other answers are different with languages which has affinities. So the Dravidian languages also spread wide once like the Indo European languages which became isolated or island and a robust hold in south India where a group close and related ones are spoken, and one of them is Tamil. As Tamil has more original forms of Dravidian words is oldest language. Between the text and sounds there is a correspondence in Sanskrit and Tamil, it is a mysterious as we know the examination scholarly of it to explain about the relationship, continues to fascinate to me.

oldest language in the world

Oldest languages:

Speaking Linguistically and archaeologically, the main way to estimate the age of any language is by the inscriptions and historical records of world oldest language. Both Sanskrit and Tamil oldest languages has not proved as the oldest language on earth. Those who support Sanskrit is the oldest will take Rigveda as a proof. And who say Tamil is the oldest will take the support of Agathiyam. As Rigveda being surviving as the oldest one of Sanskrit. The word Dravida is Sanskrit occur from the Tamil word Thamizh. This concludes that both Tamil and Sanskrit were coincide and are mutually influence each other. The oldest writing in the world is Sumerian archaic and Egyptian hieroglyphs writings. Tamil and Sanskrit are being oldest Indian language.

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oldest language in the world

Tamil language History

Let us know the beauty of Tamil and Tamil language history. As Tamil is the major language of India which is not evolve from Sanskrit. All Tamil scholars believe that Tamil is borrowed a few words from Sanskrit and it doesnt mean Tamil evolved from Sanskrit which is a oldest language. But the Tamil borrowed from Sanskrit and also not specifies that Sanskrit is older than Tamil. As rig Veda is the holiest among all Hindu holy books. It was considered as the oldest book. Sanskrit was the major part of Aryavarta and also included regions outside geographical India, which is the inner part of the subcontinent.

oldest language in the world

Tamil Nadu is the state where Hindi is not considered in education. Sage Agastya codified and Sanskrit, Tamil do not have direct relation to each other which is quite interesting to their origins as they were oldest language in the world. As Rig Veda is the oldest writing in the world. Sanskrit is being dialect of Old Indo aryan where origin of Sanskrit was in the 2nd milennium BCE as Vedic Sanskrit.



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