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Among India’s best assessment tests cocubes is one of them which is mainly a campus hiring platform. Cocubes has tie ups with 450+ corporates across India, fresher’s and lateral’s, 2600+ colleges and one million plus students through cocubes running 500,000 assessments each year across 250+ cities in India. Cocubes is giving greater transperency and control to the corporate companies and simultaneously helping educational institutions to improve employability and help students of the various colleges to get an equal opportunity to build a career.

What is Cocubes Pre Assessment Test:

Now days companies using pre- Assessment Test to hire the candidates and skipping written exam round from their interviews. So by PRE-Assessment test candidate is evaluated by their scores in each module of the test. It is part of the annual subscription that a student buys and write the test and after successful completion of the exam scores are given and the scores are visible to the hundreds of companies that are tied up with the cocubes and companies screen the students according to their scores and calls for the interviews.

Cocubes Test Pattern and Syllabus

Quantative Aptitude Test: (45 Minutes)

Concepts of mathematics very basic questions are asked and no tricky questions asked in this section you should be perfect with your basics and should be fast and accurate in calculating those problems.

Syllabus for Quant. 15 Q

Number Systems, Mensuration, Trigonometry,Ratios, Averages, Geometry, Data Interpretation, Probability, Venn diagram, Statistics, Interest, Profit loss, Ratio, Percentages, Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progressions, Profit & Loss.

Analytical Reasoning Test 15 Q

It is toughest part of the exam so concentrate little more on this section.
Visual Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions, Relationships, Logical Reasoning, Attention to Details and Flowcharts

English Usage 15 Q

Reading Comprehension ; Grammar including Articles , Prepositions, Sentence Correction, Speech, Tenses; Verbal Ability including Synonyms, Antonym, Spellings, Idioms and Phrases

Computer Fundamentals (15 min) 15 Q

Basics of C/C++/OOPS, Basics of Data Structures, Basics of Computer Architecture, Digital Logic, Networking Concepts, Common Applications such as MS Office and General Awareness about input/output devices.

Psychometric Module (12 min) 50 Q

Behavioral profiling based on commonly known personality traits.

Domain Test: (20 Minutes)

In this section you have basic questions from you core engineering subjects such as computer science, ECE, EEE, CIVIL,mechanical engineering and other branches.

Civil 20 Q

Building Materials, RCC Design, Theory of Design & Structures, Soil Mechanics & Foundation, Construction Scheduling, Water Resource Engineering / Hydrology, Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

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Electrical 20 Q

Electrical Machines, EMMI, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Control Systems, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Power System and Instrumentation, Micro-controller and Microprocessor

Mechanical 20 Q

Thermodynamics, Design of Machine Members, IC Engines and Compressors, Theory of Machine, Engineering Material / Meteorology, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing Process

Electronics 20 Q

Electronic Devices & EMMI, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers, Digital Electronics, Communication System, Control System

Computer Science 20 Q

C, C++, OOPS Concepts, Data Structures, DBMS concepts, Operating System Concepts, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Networking Concepts, Computer Architecture.

(each student will only take relevant domain test)

Coding Module (30 min) 3 Q

Writing codes to solve a set of problems in language of choice : C, C++, C#, Java.

Written English Test (WET) (25 min)

Candidate has to write his/her views on simple topics of general awareness. English Grammar, Sentence Construction and Vocabulary is assessed along with relevance to topic and adherence to word limit. Example of a topic – Should schools have uniforms?

How is the cut-off recommended for a test?

Cocubes follow industry methods to decide cutt-offs. One of the most commonly used is Angoff method. In this method, following steps are taken.
1. For each question, accuracy rate is calculated approximately based on past data for that question or level of difficulty of that question.
2.An average of correct answers is taken across questions to compute the overalll accuracy rate.
3.The cut-off for each and every companies in cocubes will be different because companies will decide the cut-off for their interviews.
So the exam will be very easy very basic and math questions will be asked a good practice and having good speed in problem solving and accuracy may play vital role in CoCubes tests.
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