Why product based companies not visit normal engineering colleges?

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Getting a job in product based companies being a student from private engineering college or Tier I, Tier II engineering college is very tough because in these colleges students don’t get opportunities to attend product based companies interviews. But students from IIT’s,NIT’s and other top university college students are lucky because they have good enough product based companies which come to their campus to recruit them.


Why this happens?

I want share all my views on this topic that why product based companies only visit IIT’s,NIT’s and Top Universities but not other normal engineering colleges.

Even if your placement co-ordinator in normal engineering college promise you that he will bring product based company to your normal engineering college never believe him because that is impossible.

I want to share entire scenario, every company will have certain budget to recruit new candidates for their requirement and they allocate this budget to HR manager to take care recruiting process and HR manager and his team should fill all vacancies of their company with in this budget and they are not support to exceed this budget.

So what ever the budget is allocated, they have to support to fill the vacancies with in the allocated budget.

Now in this budget they have to include travelling expenses,living expenses of the team, technical team will resume their work for couple of days and spend their time on recruiting suitable candidates for company even this also included in the budget so product based companies constrained by various things like no of days, cost etc.

So what they are trying to do is they want to go to colleges where there will be at-least minimum guarantee that they could find minimum 4-5 students, now when ever these product based companies visit the normal engineering colleges on request by placement co-ordinator they visit that normal engineering college and in first round it self they filter all the candidates and they have to return back empty handed it happens many times and product based companies decided that they never going to visit the normal engineering colleges.

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And the second reason is normal engineering colleges are not working hard to get product based engineering colleges to their campus, they are really lazy , if they had to bring product based company to their placement cell to conduct interviews in their campus they have to do lot of work , they have to approch the HR’s ,follow up and be continuously be in touch with them and they have to do lot of work, even after doing all this work these product based companies even if they come they will hardly recruit one or two students, now these placement co-ordinators if they put same effort in bringing service oriented companies like TCS, infosys, Accenture, HCL to their campus these companies will recruit in mass numbers like they will recruit 100-200 students at a time, so the entire college is lifted up.

So these placement co-ordinators or placement heads what they want is 100% placement they are interested in numbers not in quality. So normal engineering colleges are not concern about their students future they don’t need that their computer science students should go and work in product based company , what they want is every student of their college should be placed in some company so that they put up hoarding saying that we have 100% placements but jobs in service based companies are really useless for a computer science student.

If you are a computer science student you should definitely aim and get into product based companies.Normal engineering colleges are not interested in calling the product based companies as well as product based companies are not interested in visiting the normal engineering colleges So both normal engineering colleges and product based companies are not interested .so there is completely gap between these two .

so if you are from IIT’s , NiT’s or Top Universities you are lucky other wise you have to work hard to get job into the product based companies.

So these are the main reasons why product based companies not visit normal engineering colleges and my next post is on how a student from normal engineering college get a job in product based companies. So stay tuned to our site.

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