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About Ramadan In Dubai:

Ramadan is a typical day and also auspicious month in Dubai country during that occasional day. Ramadan is also called as Ramzan. As per the Islamic calendar, Ramadan day comes under in the ninth month every year. This year, Ramzan celebrations are started in the month of may. This RAMADHAN Month is a holy month and it was a time for all the religious people. In every country and at every place people celebrate the Ramzan Festival by following the Ramadan rules. People show their respect and follow all the Ramadan rules and they celebrate this Holy month. People who want to Celebrate Ramadan in Dubai city and also want to know the Ramadan fasting details and Ramadan rules those can read this complete article.


Ramadan Food :

People must learn the Local culture and should follow the Islam Ramadan. One of the primary rules is Muslim fasting in RAMZAN. All the religious people will follow the Ramadan fasting rule on this Ramadan month. Ramzan early meal is called as SUHOOR. Muslims will awaken early to pray the god and eat their early meal SUHOOR with all their relatives and family members together. It is the preparation of the day of Ramadan fasting which initially started the Morning call to Worship. On the weekends The early meal Suhoor is set up by the city dwellers under the restaurants or tents to start before the first daylight. So people should go with the good Ramadan meal plan and stay healthy during this whole season. 



RAMADAN SIYAM is the fasting. Siyam is translated as THE FAST. In the Ramadan Month, MUSLIMS are required to avoid the food, water, alcohol or smoke between the morning sunrise to evening sunset. Not only abstaining the food they must also abstain the bad words, must control the anger, Bad thoughts and they must be good. SIYAM is the way of cleaning the human body and soul from various impurities and people should focus on their prayer and also be expressing the gratitude towards the god. For IFTAR preparation, all the homes get busy.

Ramadan in 2018

In this year, Ramadan has commenced on Wednesday, 16th May 2018 and which will continue for 30 days until 14th June 2018. So, this is Ramzan date 2018 India.


As per Muslims calendar, Ramadan begins on the sunset of the previous day, so they will observe previous day sunset and starts celebrating Ramadan on the sunset of 15-5-2018.

A matter of Respect:

Ramzan asks that all the non-Muslims should give respect to the Fasting as well as Ramadan season. People must follow the Ramzan rules and they must avoid the Eating, be drinking or smoking in public places. Many restaurants and food trucks are available and they serve the food until the sunset. People should also keep it in mind that the working time must be scheduled for fewer hours to accommodate time for prayer.



ZAKAT is also called as Charity. It is the Islam five pillars. ZAKAT is the good thing which was considered particularly in the Ramadan Month and ass well as on EIDS. Who are less fortunate for those all the people must share the Spirit of Ramadhan by the government and various organizations.

Ramadan Do’s and Dont’s

Scholars of Muslim region says that, Not only avoiding food or drinks during the day, though they should also avoid sexual intercourse with spouse or smoking or Drinking during the day, And also they shouldn’t engaged in fighting with somebody or gossiping about other people. These are the basic Ramadan rules and regulations which should be followed in Ramadan Season.


As per the tradition of the Islam, Ramadan month is consider as when the ALLAH revealed the 1st verses of the QURAN to the PBUH who is also called as Prophet Muhammad. On each day of the Ramzan season, Muslims read every day the holy book of 130th. By the end of the Ramadan month, the complete Holy book Quran must be completed and also recited.


IFTAR is nothing but breaking the fasting. After the sunsets, Total 1.6 billions of Muslims in Dubai will break the PBUH by taking some fluids like water and also eating some dates and it is called as iftar food. To serve the gastronomical feasts, The tents and all the lightings appears all over the city and aglow over the Dubai. By following the Islamic tradition, all the homes and hotels will pull out all the stops.



TARAWEEH is nothing but a prayer. Taraweeh is the extended evening prayers which were done during Ramzan season. ISHA is nothing but a night prayer. Among the final days of the Ramzan season, the Laylat Al Qadr prayers are treated and considered as the one thousand months of worshiping the god. Laylat Al Qadr is nothing but a Decree of night. Some markets, public places and some of the malls are opened for a long time. After TARAWEEH, they can disperse and get some rest to attend and take the Next day Suhoor.

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To become the better human beings all the people and the entire community of will joins together in a euphoric effort. Follow all the culture and tradition, join in the IFTAR and don’t worry about your weight gaining or may not gain and don’t go with Ramadan diet plan to lose weight. Concentrate on prayers and worship the god on this holy month. These are the Ramadan eating times and also Ramadan break fast time details. 


Whether it is the day which is attempting the fast, helping the needy people and also others in this month. The Ramadan Dubai is embracing by the land of all the customs. Take the healthy Ramadan meals and Have a Respectful RAMZAN MUBARAK to all the viewers.



“Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise in identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness.” –Tariq Ramadan

“Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit.” –Ezra Taft Benson “Through prayer, fasting, and studying, God will answer.” –Monica Johnson

“We must master our egoism, and through this mastery, step outside ourselves and educate ourselves in giving. Fasting requires that we rediscover all that is alive around us, and reconcile ourselves with our environment.” –Tariq Ramadan.

“Instead of looking outside of ourselves and counting potential enemies, fasting summons us to turn our glance inward, and to take the measure of our greatest challenge: the self, the ego, in our own eyes and as others see us.” –Tariq Ramadan

Live your life like every day is Ramadan and Akhirah will become your Eid.







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