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Actor Roger Moore:

Roger Moore was a Hollywood actor. He was born on 14th October 1927. roger moore was well known as roger moore James Bond because he has played the role of James Bond who is a secret agent in seven movies from 1973 to 1985. roger moore also acted in television series Simon Templar as The Saint from 1962 to 1969. Sir Roger Moore James Bond in 1972 played the role of Bond from Sean Connery, and experienced his first appearance as 007 in Lie and Let Die. Sir Roger moore longest acting bond, he continues to portray the secret agent in six films. In 1991, he was an actor selected as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Roger moore was conferred by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for services to charity.


Full Name Roger George Moore


Born on 14 October 1927, Stockwell, London, United Kingdom
Childrens Deborah Moore,

Geoffrey Robert Moore,

Christian Moore


Died on 23 May 2017, Crans-Montana, Montana, Switzerland
Profession        English actor


In 2007 he has received Hollywood Walk of Fame for his acting and work on television and also in the movie. In 2008, actor roger moore appointed as a Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. His age is 89. In 1987 he arranged Happy Anniversary 007; he as 25 years of James Bond. During roger moore period he played 13 other films, starting with a thriller Susannah York, Gold. He sketched an adventurer against Africa Lee Marvin in Shout at the Devil, a commando with Richard Burton and Richard Harris in action film The Wild Geese. In the Cannonball Run, he improved his fame by performing a millionaire consumed with him and made a plastic surgery to be like him.

roger moore


Actor Roger moore Early life:

Roger Moore actor birth date is 14th October 1927 in Stockwell, London. George Alfred Moore was the father, a policeman, and Lillian Lily pope. His mother’s birthplace in Calcutta, India but was English. his education was in Battersea Grammar school, but was vacated to Holsworthy, Devon, by the time of Second world war, and studied in Launceston College located in Cornwall. His further education at Dr. Challoners Grammer School in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. roger moore bond trainee at an animation studio and it was fired due to a small mistake with some animation cells.

His father researched a robbery at the home Brian Desmond Hurst a film director, it introduced him to be a director and engaged as an extra for the film Caesar and Cleopatra in 1945.  at the age of 18 ends of the second world war, he was recruited for national service. He was hired by the Royal Army service Corps on 21 September 1946 as a second deputy. He has given the service number 372394. actor roger moore served as an officer in the Combined Services Entertainment Section and also became a captain, commanding a small department in West Germany. After he looked over entertainers for the armed forces passing through Hamburg.

Personal life
Roger moore wife was Doorn Van Steyn who was six years old married to RADA student in 1946 and also an ice skater. roger moore and Van Steyn stayed in Streatham with his family, but due to tension in money matters and loss of confidence in acting took them on the relationship, from this he reportedly suffered from domestic abuse. He married to Welsh singer Dorothy Squires, in 1952 and divorced from Van Steyn in that year. They married in New York after their marriage lived in Bexley, Kent. Roger Moore paid hospital bills for squires for her cancer treatment in 1966, and her death in 1998. Squires granted him a divorce. roger Moore with Mattioli gave birth to three children. roger moore daughter Deborah was an actress born in 1963 and had two sons Geoffrey and Christian. While Geoffrey is also an actor and performed with his father in the Sherlock Holmes in New York. Geoffrey and his wife Loulou gave birth to two daughters. Christian was the younger son of Roger Moore who was a film producer.

roger moore


Roger Moore movies and tv shows

In the 1950s Roger moore served as a model, performing in print advertisements for knitwear and other products like toothpaste, which given his popularity as an actor. roger moore first television performance was on 2 March 1949 in The Governess by Patrick Hamilton, from the book Last Man Standing: Tales from Tinseltown, where he played a minor part of Bob Drew.
Ivanhoe in 1958-59, a loose caption of the 1819 romantic novel by Sir Walter Scott in the 12th century. roger moore faced broken ribs and to his helmet battle axe blow during performing few stunts in the shooting of season 39 half hour episodes, I felt a full Charlie while riding around in all that armor and cursed stupid helmet.

roger moore

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I thought like an early fireman. roger moore next television series acts the leading character of Silky Harris for the ABC/Warner Brothers from 1959-60, with co-stars are Dorothy Provine as Rocky Jef York as the role of Reno and Ray Danton played the role of Nifty. Maverick(1960-1961) roger moore performed the characters in 14 episodes after Garner had leave series at the end of before season, wearing some costumes of the role Garners while shooting The Alaskans, he had already observed garners dialogue like Klondike series and also changed Maverick scripts. The Saint (1962-1969) in the new caption of The Saint, from Leslie Charteris. To the American market, the television series in the UK is famous. roger moore received international stardom from 1967. The Persuaders (1971-1972) television induced roger moore to star by the Tony Curtis in The Persuaders. The show has the adventures from two millionaire playboys over Europe.

roger moore


roger moore



Roger moore james bond(1973-1985)
james bond films
His involvement in The Saint as an actor, producer, and director, made him developing the series The Persuaders.In 1964 he performed a guest appearance as James Bond in Mainly Millicent as comedy series. After George Lazenby was cast in 1969s On Her majesty’s secret service and Connery acted bond again in Diamonds Are Forever. roger moore considered in his autobiography that he made to cut his hair and lose his weight for the particular role. Finally, he was the cast in Live and Let Die.

Roger moore Bond films
After Live and Let Die, roger moore maintained to portray Bond in The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974, In 1977 The spy who loved me, and Moonraker in 1979, In 1981 Octopussy, and A view to a kill(1985). roger moore continue his role James Bond as 12 years. Wild Geese, For your eyes only, the sea wolves, Escape to Athena, north sea hijack, shout at the devil, a princess for Christmas, the naked face, the Kings their, cross plot, that lucky touch are some of the movies of roger moore.

roger moore         roger moore

Honors and awards:
On 9 March 1999, roger moore has recruited a commander of the order of the British empire, and improved to Knight Commander of the same order from 14 June 2003. before he turned 80, roger moore received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his dedication on television and in the film. On 28th October 2008, the French government selected roger moore as Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. On 21 November 2012, roger moore was honored with a doctorate from the University of Hertfordshire, for his outstanding presentation to the UK film and television industry for about 50 years.

In 2008: Commander of the French National Order of Arts and Letters, Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007, TELEKAMERA in 2004, 2002 in Monte Carlo TV Festival
2001 awarded in Lifetime achievement award, Palm Springs film festival, USA, Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. TELE GATTO in 1995, GOLDEN CAMERA in 1991, 1990 in BAMBI are the lifetime achievement awards.

roger moore

For his charity work
roger moore honored Dag Hammarskjold inspiration award, in 2004 UNICEFs Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award, German Federal Cross of Merit for his UNICEF work in 2003 and Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire and in 1999 Commander of the order of the British empire.
For his acting
He honored OTTO in 1981, received SATURN in 1980 and GOLDEN GLOBE, 1973 BAMBI and BEST ACTOR IN TV, 1967 ONDAS-AWARD, 1967, OTTO. roger Moore performed in many characters which gave him popularity and fame.

Death:  roger moore died on 23 may 2017, from a battle with cancer. His family declared his death news in Switzerland in Crans Montana.





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