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Welcome to the another great guide which is actually help you to get SHAREit APK Download for Android, and which is completely free of cost without paying any money. I would like to request you to follow the each and every step in this guide to get SHAREit APK for Android.

Now Android is the king of all mobile operating systems.It is widely used across 192 countries in millions of mobile devices.Initially Android is developed by Android, Inc for cameras.Later in 2005 Android, Inc is acquired by google and started as a mobile operating system which became very popular with in few days after its release so that every leading mobile phone companies like Sony, Htc, Lenovo, Samsung etc started using android and gave us Android mobiles with stunning features. In android to install any app the app should in APK format so that we can install the particular app in our android devices. For Top rated Reviews Then some of the apps of Android became more popular and among those SHAREit is one of them.
There are many fake SHAREit apks are available in online because the source of the apk is injected with the malicious code, and that may ruin the privacy of your android mobile and bypass your security of the device and these fake malicious apks steal your personal information from your android device. So be-careful in downloading apks like that.


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How to Download SHAREit APK for Android.

The official app of SHAREit could be found over the Google play store for Android users, Official PC store for Windows users, Windows Phone store for Windows phone users, and even for iPhone and iPad. To start using SHAREit app you should have a dedicated and compatible smartphone of any platform or tablet of any platform or Windows powered PC or Mac PC.

Now, we are going to learn how to install SHAREit app on Android device, there are two methods to download SHAREit app or SHAREit apk.

First method is getting the SHAREit app from the official Google play store which is genuine way to download the app, which is more securable and trustable method.

Now open the goole play app from your android device which is default app of every android mobile and search for ‘SHAREit app’.

Once the app is found, tap on the first result and you will get the install button and hit the install button and it starts downloading the SHAREit app and the app is installed in your android device.

The second method is installing the SHAREit app using the official APK file. You can start installing the SHAREit app once you have the APK file handy in your device.

You need to download the apk file of SHAREit  from a trustable source and you should enable some hidden options on your android device.

To enable that hidden option go to the security settings in your android device and you will find label “Unkown Sources” tap on that and you will get a option to enable ‘Unkown Source” and enable the Unkown Sources. By enabling Unkown sources you can install the apps and games from their apk files.

We are giving the official and trustable SHAREit apk link with no malicious virus to download the APK file of the SHAREit app. you need to transfer this SHAREit apk file to your android device and tap on the apk file from your android device and the apk start installing the SHAREit app with in few seconds.

 Download SHAREit apk link

I think it very easy and convenient way to install the app and remember this method to install the app which may helps you in the future.


How to use SHAREit app in your Android device.


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Once the SHAREit app is installed in your Android device by any of the method.Open the app from your android device and the app starts running.

you should find the any other person, who is also having the same app in his mobile device and you can start sharing files from your device to his device. You can share any type of the files or folders and that too very instantly and the speed is 200 times faster than the bluetooth.

This amazing speed is because of the SHAREit app uses WI-FI Direct technology which is completely safe as it going to create a private network connection between the two devices.

Now this connection is never shared with others, so it stops anyone to do anything ahead on your device. The transfer speed is jaw dropping speed which gives better speed than what USB connection offers and it is the another reason why you should use the SHAREit app.

Features of the SHAREit app for Android:-

SHAREit app supports sending text, files, instantly take photos and videos during pairing to send.
SHAREit app have enhanced feed smoothness.

SHAREit app- Fastest file sharing apk in the world:

The transfer speed of SHAREit app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and the highest speed of the SHAREit app goes up to 20M/S.

SHAREit app- fastest Cross-platform file transferring tool:

Cross-platfom sharing tool app for phone and computer and tablets, SHAREit app supports Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac.

Tranfer whatever you have through SHAREit app:

SHAREit app can be used to transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, installed apps and any other file.

SHAREit app is very simple and easy:

Using SHAREit app friends can transfer file to each other by entering portal in SHAREit app.So easy to share any thing.

SHAREit app allows connect to PC:

  • Using SHAREit app you can tranfer files between phone and PC.
  • Through SHAREit app you can view your photos and play music on computers
  • SHAREit app also helps to control PPT directly with your phone, making your presentation easier!

CLONEit -SHAREit app:

Through SHAREit app you can replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old phone to the new one in just one click.

SHAREit app is choice of OVER 600 million users from 200 countries.

Top 1 downloaded App on Google Play in 24 countries and regions.

For SHAREit app No USB! No data Usage! No internet needed!

To connect to computer, your SHAREit for PC must be v4.0 or above.Please download the latest version from here.

Screenshots of SHAREit apk for android:-

shareit_apk shareit_apk1 shareit_apk2 shareit_apk3 shareit_apk4



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