Shareit for PC Download & Install Free App (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) & Mac

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Hello everyone, in this Shareit for PC Download guide I would like to share step by step working method to download shareit for PC free app which is now officially available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Lenovo Shareit is a free app which is available in all platforms . You can download shareit for Android, Shareit for Windows Phone, Shareit for Mac, Shareit for Windows PC, Shareit for IOS.
We all know that the Lenovo Shareit is very popular for its file sharing like photos,videos,files etc. and made our life very easy because we can share all those files from Android to Android,Android to Windows,Android to IOS, Android to Windows phone, Android to MAC and like versa and we can transfer files very fast through shareit for PC or Computer.
I know there are lot of sites which are fake,which are misleading and most of you end up with no Shareit Download or Fake Shareit Download.Unlike other sites we are giving you the official links to download Shareit latest version for PC.


SHAREit for PC Free app Download – Windows 7/8/8.1/10:

If you would like to install SHAREit free app on your computer or PC then I would like to request you to follow the given steps below and important note is that never skip any of the step which leads to some difficulties for you to download shareit for Computer or PC.
SHAREit app is a free app from Lenovo, initially which is used to available for only Lenovo devices due to its popularity and demand Lenovo started developing SHAREit app for all platforms so SHAREit app is collectively available for Android, Iphone, Windows, Mac, Windows phone at the end of this article I have provided all the Official Shareit Download links.
1. First step is scroll down and download the official Shareit app for free.

2. Open the Latest version or downloaded SHAREit.exe file.

3. Double click on the SHAREit.exe file the file may look like this.


4.After you double click on the shareit.EXE your system(PC or computer) asks your permission. Click on yes and continue.

5.Then a window like below image appears initially share it asks for Licence agreement click on button Accept.


6.Next it asks for destination location to install Shareit app for your pc, if you want you can change destination folder to install your Shareit app. I recommend you that don’t change the destination folder and click on Next button.


7.Then make sure the check box is ticked other wise desktop icon won’t be visible.Then click on Next.


8.Then a green bar filling window appears with an option to cancel the installation don’t click on the cancel button if you want to install SHAREit for your PC.


9.After that a window with Finish button appears click on that as shown below.


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10.Then a window with Privacy Policy details appears click on Accept as shown below.

lenovo_shareit_for_windows _0

11. Then a window like below image appears then click on Skip button at the top.


11.Now you have successfully installed the Shareit app in your PC or Computer.Now you are ready to use the Shareit app.


Follow same steps to install the Shareit app for MAC.I hope you enjoyed Shareit for PC Download Free App (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) & Mac.

For Official Download links to download Shareit for windows(7/8/8.1/10) and Shareit for Mac Click on the below buttons.

shareit_for_windows            shareit_for_mac








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