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Shri VarahaNaraSimha Swamy:

Simhachalam Devasthanam: Simhadri temple is also called as Simhachalam Temple which is a Hindu temple situated near Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh State, India. Simhachalam is treated as One of the Avatar or Incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. In simhachalam, the incarnation of the lord Vishnu as Lord Narasimha Swamy. Simhachalam temple orissan mix contains Main and central shrine and also entrance styles of architecture. Simhachalam Nara Simha ( The Man-Lion ) name came from, In Telugu language, Simha means Lion and Adri mean Hills Achala means Hill Simha+Achala= simhachala Simha+Adri= Simhadri (Lion Hills).

Some antiquity has given by 1098 AD during the Chola King Kuloththunga given some clues. The one more inscription shows the ancient Orissa which is also called as Queen of the eastern Ganga of Kalinga in 1137-56 AD and also covered with gold. The third time, Ancient Orissa built the Main and Central shrine to the Simhachalam Temple on 1267 A.D. Along with 252 inscriptions are built in Both Oriya and Telugu which explains the importance and greatness of the temple. Simhachalam temple is the one of the south Indian

Simhachalam Devasthanam History:

Simhachalam temple is one of the south Indian temples which also said to be the abode of the Varaha Narasimha Swami and also hills(Achala) are also called as Nara. From a 13km distance of Visakhapatnam, Simhachalam temple is located. Simhachalam is listed as one of the famous 18 temples of Lord Narasimha Temples, which is nothing but a Lord Narasimha Kshetras in India. The important and deity was inside the temple on a particular day on every year for 12 hours, Lord Narasimha appearance in true form which is also called as NIJAROOPA DARSHAN. This auspicious day was only allowed for 12 hours on Akshaya Tritiya day. But on rest of the days, Lord Narasimha diety was covered with the paste of Sandalwood.


On every year Vaisakha Masa, (May Month) Lord Narasimha darshan considered as CHANDANOTSAVAM. It is also called as Chandana yatra. The original shape of the Nara Simha Swamy in the tribhanga posture and has two hands with the head of a lion on a human torso. Shri Varahalakshmi Narasimha Swamy is a lion-man also AVATAR of Lord Mahavishnu. Every day Narasimha Swamy diety is covered with the paste of Sandalwood.

After Defeating Orissa Gajapati Prataparudra Deva, Shri Krishna Deva Raya visited the two times to the shrine and also given a number of villages to maintain the worship also offered valuable jewellery (gold) to the Lord Narasimha. The jewelry is an emerald necklace which was still in the Simhachalam Temple. On 1516 AD and 1519 AD Sri Krishna Deva Raya has visited the Shrine. For the last 3 centuries, the trustees of the Lord Nara Simha Temple is Puspati Gajapathi’s. Who is from Royal family of Vizianagaram.

Story Line of Simhachalam Devasthanam:

Hiranyakasipu was a King of Rakshasa. In fact, he was one of the Dwarapalakas of Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntam. There are two gatekeepers in vaikuntam they called as Jaya and Vijaya. They both has taken the curse from Sanaka, Sanandhana, Sanathkumara. Because of Jaya and Vijaya not allowed them to take the Darshan of Lord Mahavishnu, so given curse that they had to take birth in the mortal world thrice.

The other DWARAPALAKA was born as Hiranyakasipu brother named as Hiranyaaksha. Hiranyakasipu wanted to become strong and great so, he has performed the tapasya to take the darshan of Lord Brahma. He also asked Brahma to make him a boon so that he couldnt destroyed by any man or weapon or by any animal. Hiranyakasipu has his son prahalada, who was the devotee of the lord Narasimha. Prahlada always a great devotee of Lord naarasimha. His father always warning Prahlada so many days, Hiss father couldn’t alter his son’s devotion towards Lord Nara Simha.

Hiranyakaipu got angry and he made many attempts to kill his son. However, Shri Lakshmi Nara Simha Swamy always rescued Prahlada. Once upon a time, one of them throw Prahlada from the top of a mountain. Whatever, lord Vishnu helped him by moving the mountain and also made a tiny way for Prahalada. As per the history, the place where prahaladha got rescued and lord Vishnu stood to protect him is the place where the Simhachalam temple is built.

The one of the important thing to know about Simhachalam Shri Nara Simha Swamy temple is that we can’t see the feet of the Idol lord Nara Simha. Lord Vishnu came to help and save his devotee on Garuda and when they threw him, Lord Vishnu jumped from Garuda to save Prahaladha. In this process, The lord feet has went into the earth very deeply.

Simhachala temple architecture construction combines both the orissan and Chalukyan. This attracts pilgrims from both AP and Orissa. One of the pillars is KAPPAM STAMBHAM which is one of the pillar tribute and infused with the Miraculous powers.


simhachalam devasthanamsimhachalam devasthanam

         simhachalam devasthanam


Simhachalam Devasthanam Festivals:

There are four major festivals are still being celebrated in Simhachalam every year, these celebrations are celebrated every year as per tradition.

  • Nijaroopa Darshanam
  • Kalyanotsavam
  • Narasimha Jayanti
  • Giripradikshana

simhachalam devasthanam

Nijarupa Darshanam or Chandanostsavam:

Nijarupa Darshanam is also called as Chandanostsavam. On this auspicious day, Idol of lord Lakshmi Narasimha was appeared in true form (Nijaroopa Darshan) for one day only 12 hours on every year. This auspicious day was falls every year Vaisaka Maasa. The rest of all the days are covered the Idol with completely with the Sandalwood paste.

simhachalam devasthanam


The kalyanotsavam was falls in the 11th day. Yekasadi in the 1st half of the March or April month of Lunar which also extends over a period of 5 days. The 11th day of full moon day which occurs.

simhachalam devasthanam

Narasimha Jayanti

The birthday (Jayanti) festival of the Lord Narasimha occurs every year in the 1st half of the Vaisakha month and it is celebrated as Jayanti festival of the lord.

simhachalam devasthanam


Around the hill range of 40 km from Hanumantha vaka of Ghiripradhikshana. On a particular day, the devotees of the lord are walking 40 km overnight. Devotees visit the temple after the journey, devotees give their offerings.

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Simhachala Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple Timings & Visiting Hours details:

Simhachalam Temple Timings:

Asthottaram 50.00
Sata Namarchana – 100.00
Sahasra Namarchana –100.00
Visista Nitya Kalayanam (Special) –500.00Visista Nitya Kalyanam (Ordinary) 100.00

Visista Nitya Kalyanam (Ordinary) 100.00
Garuda Seva 200.00
Laksha Kumkjumarchana 500.00
Laksha Tulasi Puja 1000.00
Kappasthambham Aliganam 10.00
Dampathalinganamn 15.00
Kodedooda Pradkshina 15.00
Suprbatha Seva 4.00am
Spl Darshanam ( Rs 20/- to 100/-) 07.00 To 011.30
Darma Darshanam 07.00 To 11.30
Break 11-30 To 12.30
Darma Darshanam 12.30 To 02.30
Break 2.30 To 03.00
Darma Darshan 03.00 To 07.00pm
Spl Darshanam ( Rs 20/- to 100/-) 03.00 To 07.00
Break 07-00 To 07-30
Darma Darshan 07-30 To 08-30
Spl Darshanam ( Rs 20/- to 100/-) 07-30 To 08-30
Eekantha Seva 09.00

simhachalam temple accommodation:

simhachalam temple accommodation online booking is also available.

Guest Houses: Gold spot, Satyavathi, Prahalda.

Chou tries: Uphill: Gajapathi, Simhadri Nilayam, Simhavalli tayar

Downhill: Pushkarini, T.T.D., T.T.D. (V.I.P) Puroorva

simhachalam devasthanam rooms online booking are also available Marriage Halls: P.P.Hall, Vijayarama Raju & Goda Kalyanamandapams are available.

Cottages: Sivarama, Ramana Reddy, Annapurna & Seethamma cottages
Accommodation Enquiry PRO visit simhachalam devasthanam website 
Cell No 9959494499
Office 0891-2715242

Distance from AP and TS:
Hyderabad Vishakhapatnam 598 km
Warangal Vishakhapatnam 520 km
Tirupathi Vishakhapatnam 617 km
Vijayawada Vishakhapatnam 355km
Rajahmundry Vishakhapatnam 175Km
Annavaram Vishakhapatnam 124 Km
Vishakhapatnam Simhachalam 12 Km



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