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What is Solar Tree:

Solar Tree Seminar PPT: These days population is growing and based on the energy demand we must take an inexhaustible option of energy source. We must also know that energy not only causes pollution and also other hazards. Solar energy is considered as one of the best topics these days. In India population is very high when compared to other countries. We can use the solar energy, we have advantages of solar energy i.e, Solar energy provides efficient energy and it takes less space. When compared to other energies, the solar tree is the best thing. To develop the plant efficiency, we can use a new process which is nothing but a SPIRALLING PHYLLATAXY. Solar tree system can also be used in street lightening system. Because it is more efficient than the old Solar PV system in some point of view. Solar tree system is applied in industrial power supply due to more efficiency.

History of Solar tree

Solar tree system is one of the best options which is better than the traditional solar PV system. Solar tree system is the form of inexhaustible energy resource which is very difficult with fossil fuels. Hydro power is the energy of moving water force. In the United States, force gives 96% of the inexhaustible energy. To establish electricity Hydro electric power plants don’t use any resources and also they don’t pollute the air. As per the estimation, the interior temperature of the sun is about 8*10^6 k to 40*10^6 k and the energy is produced by the hydrogen and helium fusion. At abundance, we can find solar energy which is considered as simplest and neatly inexhaustible energy. Sun is the hydrodynamic spherical body which is highly plasma and which provides energy by the fusion of the thermonuclear.

Solar Tree Components

To design a solar tree, we need five types of equipment such as

  • Solar Panels
  • Long tower
  • LDE’s
  • Batteries
  • Stems for connecting the panels.

Check out the advantages of Solar Panel

  1. Ecologically friendly
  2. Decreased electrical bill
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Efficiency

Solar tree Applications:

  • Street Light
  • House Supply
  • Industrial Power supply

For direct conversion of solar radiation into a usable form, there are many ways such as solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and solar architecture. The main issue is related with solar energy tapping and it is mandatory to install the big solar collectors which need a very big space. To avoid all these issues, we can install a solar tree system. By using this solar tree system, the solar panels require very less space.

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Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT Solar Tree Seminar PPT




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