Steps to Download online Pan Card Application form

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 Steps to Download online Pan Card Application form:

Pan card is also called as Permanent Account Number, PAN card is mandatory for every Indian citizen who is eligible to pay taxes. PAN Card is mainly used as a proof of identity. that means, citizen of India can apply for any other official work with the help of a Pan card. PAN Card will works as a proof of identity for Indian citizen. Every citizen gets a specific Pan number that distinguishes them from the other people and helps them easily negotiate finances from one another. PAN card serves as a concern government document.


Name Pan Card
Full Name Permanent Account Number
official website
Purpose It works as a proof of Identity

for Indian Citizen

Why should every citizen of India own a Pan Card?

Earlier Pan Cards were created in order to keep track of a citizen’s financial transactions. It was to keep the government informed about the kind of monitory trades every individual in the country carried out, but now things are different.
Pan card can now be used for many things, we has clearly mentioned below about uses of PAN Card once go through it.

  • It is necessary to give the PAN card number when you buy or sell immovable properties in India, Paying for rooms in hotel
  • When you buy automobiles, you will have to give this number, Buying jewellery worth a lot of money.
  • Buying banker’s draft, pay orders and checks require PAN card.
  • If you buy shares or debentures exceeding the value of Rs. 1 lakh, you need to supply the PAN card, Renting a flat.
  • PAN card is necessary to make any deposit exceeding Rs. 50000.00.
  • PAN card is also necessary for initiating a bank account, starting a demat account or applying for a credit card.
  • Finally, you may produce the PAN card as a valid photo ID proof.
  • There a number of other things that involve the usage of PAN Cards.



PAN CARD is an important certificate for every people in india. Not only for filing the tax returns but also used as ID of the candidate. Not only taxable income, every one is having PAN CARD now a days. On november 2012, eMudhra has started PAN card services. EMudhra wants to make the pan card application in easier way, so it is providing support for the full process. The services provides which included processing of candidates who are applying for pan card, corrections, changes in the pan card, lost  pan card / new replacement, damaged pan card.

Steps to follow PAN card application process through offline mode:

The government of India has made it very easy for a citizen to procure a Pan Card. It can be done in two ways either online of offline. citizens can procure their pan card as per their wish.

Initially lets watch how to apply for pan card through offline mode.

image01 - Copy1.The first step towards applying for a Pan card is to download FORM 49a. This form includes a number of details that need to be filled out. Like your name, address, DOB etc.

Make sure to fill out the form carefully, as even a minute mistake will cause a problem in your final card. The form has to be filled out in block letters and in black ink. Read it carefully once before starting out.

2.The Second step involves attaching identity proof, residential proofs and a passport size picture. You can use photocopies of the following documents as address proofs and Identity proofs

  • Voter ID card
  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Ration Card with photograph
  • Pensioner’s Card with Photograph.
  • Electricity Bill
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Bank Passbook

After filling up the form you can attach photocopies of any of the above documents. Once that is done affix a passport sized picture on the slot given on the extreme corner of the form.

3. Now that all the important procedures are complete re-check the entire form. Whatever you have filled should be correct and visible. In case you have cancelled out anything, download another form and refill it.

4. Once all the above steps are complete you need to create a Demand Draft or pay cash of Rs.96 at the nearest TIN center. Also submit your form there.
Once the form and the money is received the government officials check all the details and issue a PAN CARD. This card has a picture of you along with your NAME, DOB and PAN CARD NUMBER. It will be sent to the address you have provided on your form.

5. Once the form and the money is received the government officials check all the details and issue a PAN CARD. This card has a picture of you along with your NAME, DOB and PAN CARD NUMBER. It will be sent to the address you have provided on your form.


pan card


Steps to apply for PAN card online mode:


Apply Pancard online – First of all we all should say thanks to our Indian government, fortunately, this pan card online application process has developed by our Indian government.
apart from that, users can now follow the mentioned below steps carefully then with in a few days you will have your PAN card couriered to your house.

  1. Search for FORM 49a online. Unlike the offline procedure, you have to fill this form online. Once you fill it to make sure all the details are filled in properly. If there are any mistakes the form will have to be refilled and submitted online.
  2.  After pressing the submit button you will be given two options ‘EDIT’ or ‘CONFIRM’. When you are done rechecking everything you can go ahead and click the suitable button.
  3. Once the site confirm all the details of your form you will be given a 15 digit code. This code is crucial. As an applicant you need to save and print this acknowledgement.
  4.  The next step is to affix photographs. You need to stick two passport sized photographs on the printed document. Make sure the photograph is not stapled. The photo should be clear and there should be no marks on it.
  5.  Second most important thing after the photograph is the signature. Your signature will be printed on your PAN card, which means you have or make sure to sign clearly inside the given box. Thumb print should also be clearly stamped on the form.
  6.  Also, keep in mind that the signature has to be on half of the passport sized photograph. This shows that the photo and the signature have been done at the same time and belong to the same person. This is also done so that no one is able to tamper with the form.
  7.  Once the acknowledgment is filled out and complete you need to SUBMIT it to the following address – NSDL at ‘Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016’.
    PAN Card Application Through ONLINE MODE


    PAN Card Application Through ONLINE MODE Page-2



    PAN Card Application Through ONLINE MODE Page-3


    PAN Card Application ONLINE MODE individual turns 18, whether eligible to pay tax or not, they should apply for a PAN card. Having this government document makes a lot of things easy. It also helps you keep a good track record of your finances. A PAN card is not just important but also necessary for any individual earning an income in India. That’s how simple it is to apply for a PAN card online. Now that you know both the online and the offline method of applying for a PAN card, you need to get going right away.


    online pan card status
    Online Pan card status  

How to check the status of pan card: If the person who applied for the pan card wants to know about their status of pan card they can verify through online pan card customer care centers, pan card customer toll free numbers or we check the status through online. The user can check their pan card by the 15 digit coupon provided to applicant. The applicant may apply his pan card through NDSL and UTISL. If the applicant lost the coupon he can verify the status through the name and Date of Birth of the applicant. The applicant can check status of their pan card 5 days of applying their card. The 15 digit number will be with the alphabets and numbers.

Verification of Pan status through UTISL :

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If the applicant wants to know his pan card status through mobile by sending PAN space your 15 digit number to 53030, within few minutes you will get an reply of your pan card status and date of receiving your pan card. By this process we can easily know our pan card status and you also know your through your name and date of birth applied in the pan card, within few seconds you will get your pan status through sms.

UTISL pan card

Verification of pan card through NSDL:

To verify your pan card status through NDSL first select your pan card is new or you have to change it, then in the second process fill the box with 15 digit number that you have been given after applying the pan card. If the applicant lost his acknowledge number he can fill it by their surname/last name, first name. After filling the particular details enter the submit button. you can see the status of you pan card after clicking the submit button and date of getting your pan card.

pan card status


Candidates who has registered for the pan card and wants to know about the status of their pan card those can check it through pan card status online or online pan card customer care centers. While registration to the pan card they will get the 15 digit numbers coupon, by using that  number we can check the pan card status. Aspirants  can also apply to their pan card with the help of NDSL and UTISL. Candidate who lost the 15 digit number while registration, they can check their pan card status by using their Name and DATE OF BIRTH of the candidate. The candidate can verify their pan card status 5 days of regitration pan card. Pan card registration number consists of numbers and alphabets. To check pan card application status, please follow the above steps.

For new pan card: just follow three simple steps

  • Fill your details
  • Make Payment
  • Print, sign, and courier

For New Pan Card Application/pan card application form:

1) Visit the website

2) In that page, you need to fill the personal information box with all your required details.

Here in this personal information, you need to answer for:

  • Category of the applicant
  • Applicant name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Name on the Pan card
  • Any other Name
  • Father’s Name
    pan card

3) In second box you need to fill Contact details, they are:

  • Mobile number
  • Email Id
  • Land line
  • Communication
    pan card

4) In Third box Document proof, candidates must fill the following questions:

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Date of Birth
  • Office Address

5)In fourth box Income source, the candidate needs to fill the Annual Income and Bussiness Type details.

In the fifth box you need to fill the Address information, they are Residence Address Name of the premises, Area, state, City Pin code, country.

Note: Here you can also give the optional address of your such as office address.

pan card
6) At last, you should fille the declaration box by mentioning your details as per shown in the below picture

Once, check the complete details which you have entered and finally click on submit button.

NSDL Tracking PAN Card is a effective requirement for every citizen in India. This online facility checking process of PAN card status saves great time and efforts for all applicants. Remember that, the above process of tracking PAN card application status can also be used to check status of duplicate pan card and status of correction in PAN Card data too.
if any queries about this, just drop your comments to let us know for us your queries and confusions are most welcome. Keeping visiting us for any status update and keep sharing us.

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