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About Sundar Pichai Professional Life:

Sundar Pichai who is the CEO of Google Inc. is a computer engineer. Google is the huge technology, which practice in Internet-related services and products, undergoes a major collective in 2015 following where Alphabet Inc was started as its huge company with co-founders Larry Page as its CEO and president as Sergey Brin. Pichai was working towards Googles head of Products and Engineering, was known as new CEO of Google also the biggest company led by Alphabet Inc. Pichai started his work in 2004 as a product manager and under the innovative efforts for many of googles products involving google chrome and chrome OS which want to become highly successful. He improved the management of other Google products such as Gmail and Google.

Quick Facts:

Well Known as CEO of Google Inc
Nationality Indian Famous Indian Men
Sundar Pichai Birthday                                           12th July 1972
Sundar Pichai Age: 44 Years
Sundar Pichai Native place: Born In Chennai
Sundar Pichai Father:  Regunatha Pichai
Mother:   Lakshmi Pichai
Sun Sign:  Cancer 
Sundar Pichai Spouse/Partner Anjali Pichai

He improved the management of other Google products such as Gmail and Google Docs and raised the ranks suddenly. He was born in Chennai, India and was a bright, creative from his young age. After receiving his education from few of the most prestigious institutions in the world. He also served in engineering and product management at Applied Materials and as consulting management at Mc Kinsey & Company before having a part of Google. Pichai is a good and liked by his colleagues and is known as the man behind googles most valuable products.

sundar pichai

Sundar Pichai life history

Pichai full name was Pichai Sundararajan born on July 12, 1972, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His father worked as an electrical engineer and his name is Regunatha Pichai for the British combination GEC and managed a factory which made electrical components. His mother worked as a stenographer before having children. He has a single brother. As he was growing up in the middle class and also a talented student. He gave in excellence in the school academically, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, and got a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, one of them is prestigious engineering institution in India.

He completed his B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and received a scholarship to get study materials science and semiconductor physics from Stanford University from where he according did his M.S. This is the Sundar Pichai life story, check out the complete Sundar Pichai Profile and also Sundar Pichai family, love story etc.

sundar pichai

sundar pichai

Sundar Pichai Profile

He started a plan to get a Ph.D. from Stanford and embark on an academic career. Since, he dropped out and met Applied Materials – a silicon valley semiconductor maker-served as an engineer and product manager. He did not work there for longer period. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he pursued his MBA and he was also named as Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar. After finishing off his MBA, he was recruited as the management consultant at McKinsey & Company. In 2004 he joined in Google. At the beginning, he joined as googles search toolbar and being a part of the small team.


sundar pichai

The toolbar selected users of Internet Explorer and Firefox to get easy access to Google search. He also started working on other Google products with Google gears and google pack. He got the idea from the success of googles toolbar and Pichai to improve Google as its own browser. He argued his idea with his seniors and from CEO Eric Schmidt he faced an objection, whose idea is to develop a browser which is an expensive affair.

Since, Pichai maintained and convinced the co-founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, to begin Googles own browser. Pichai included a pivotal role in the major launch of the browser, Google Chrome, in 2008. Chrome proved to be a great success after accepting users to directly entree googles search engine. Pichai became famous internationally known personality by the phenomenal success of the Chrome which means to become the No.1 browser in the world, crossing competitors like Internet Explorer and Firefox. The chrome laid the way for a series of other products such as Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Chromecast.

Pichai was appointed to Vice President of product development in 2008. At this position, he begins appearing at Google presentations and continued of increasing ranks in Google. By 2012, Pichai became the Senior Vice President of Chrome and apps. Andy Rubin, who is the launched Android, leave the work for the different project in 2013. Pichai served as the in-charge of Android by Larry Page. He became the Product Chief in October 2014 by the influence.

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At this position, he begins appearing at Google presentations and continued of increasing ranks in Google. By 2012, Pichai became the Senior Vice President of Chrome and apps. Andy Rubin, who is the launched Android, leave the work for the different project in 2013. Pichai served as the in-charge of Android by Larry Page. He became the Product Chief in October 2014 by the influence.

Google launched a company, Alphabet Inc., in 2015 to work towards holding the company and combination to own the subsidiaries which are owned previously by Google, involving a new slimmed down Google version by own. On August 10, 2015, Sundar Pichai was appointed as the CEO of Google. He also received 273,328 shares of Google holding company Alphabet in February 2016, which made him rise in his net worth. These shares nearly worth of $199 million, and as a part of holdings up to $650 million.

An engineering genius name for his talented ideas. Sundar Pichai is well known as the mastermind before the launch of the Chrome browser in 2008. He played a vital role with his seniors at Google to start the browser in time became the most popular browser on the internet and also conducted to the launch of the Chrome operating system.

sundar pichai

Facts about Sundar Pichai

  • Sundar Pichai is a great cricket fan and also a captain of his school cricket team.
  • His family did not present a phone up to his age of 12.
  • He tried to talk a friend out who are working at Google before joining the company.
  • Sundar Pichai joined Google before the company.
  • He has good memory numbers and remembers every telephone dialed the number.
  • He discusses with students at IIT-Kharagpur over Skype.
  • He is also top contenders for the post of CEO at Microsoft and went to Satya Nadella.
  • The Google CEO is not a nerdy. He is very grounded, helpful and friendly.

sundar pichai

Simple and Sweet love story

Sundar Pichai is the well know personality. His success stories popular in news websites and newspapers. Of course, we are all humans and fall in love. Sundar Pichai’s story will have both souls in college and fell in love. He is a simple man, and settled his family in Chennai, at a young age. He didn’t have T.V or car in the house. This upset over into his personal life. For a long time they spent together as friends, and also understood some feelings and developed their hearts. When they came to final year engineering, She said yes when he proposed to Anjali. And it is also difficult when there are no smartphones, to communicate her from Sarojini Naidu Hall, women’s hostel in the college.

sundar pichai

sundar pichai

Sundar Pichai family

He said that he met Anjali at IIT-K and was his classmate. After college Sundar left for the USA for further studies. They did not speak to each other for 6 long months. Staying away like that brought him closer to each other. Anjali left the USA. He went for a job with a semiconductor company there. After having a secure job, he thought it is the right time to marry the love of his life. He took the permission of Anjali’s parents. After having a wedding, Anjali and Sundar left on to live in the USA. People know that his lucky charm was Anjali. Sundar was provided the post of a CEO by Microsoft. He was also offered by Twitter and Yahoo. He left such enticing offers and stayed in Google. He once decided to listen to her words as we all see, Who is the successful CEO of the biggest search engine.

sundar pichai

Today, Sundar and Anjali Pichai settled their life in Los Altos Hills. Their house was designed tastefully by Robert Swatt, which is the part of the Swatt Miers architectural group. They are living a low-profile life and not enjoying so rich and successful. They have two children, a girl and boy named Kavya and Kiran.

Sundar Pichai age was 44 years. He is the Google CEO. Sundar Pichai house is in Ashok Nagar. He was served as the Google executives and also popular in Google CEO list. He settled and popular as Google company CEO. Check out this space to know about Sundar Pichai latest news.




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