Surya 24 Review Rating Live Updates

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Suriya’s 24 review and rating has given below. Here you can see 24 movie premier show live updates. Samantha and Nitya Menen are main leads in this movie. Manam fame Vikram Kumar directing this movie. 24 movie review and 24 movie rating is trending on social media. 24 movie premier show live udpates can seen here now onwards.

Surya 24 Review Rating Live Updates

Surya 24 review has got good and positive buzz. 24 rating is 4 stars out of 5 stars. Suriya is playing 3 roles in 24 movie and 24 movie rating has got good score after playing three different characters.

1. Scientist
2. Villain
3. Young boy

Being a producer of 24 movie, Suriya has taken several steps for better of the movie.

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24 movie story

We will tell you 24 movie story before 24 movie review and rating. There are two brothers. One is scientist and second one is villain. Villain asks scientist about time travel machine. He rejects to handover the formulae. Villain kills scientist. He handover the formulae to his son. Villain knows about the formulae which is with scientist son. He  tracks scientist son. Villain asks the formulae. But he didnt handover the formulae.

24 movie rating

24 movie rating is 4 stars



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