Tall People Problems (Funny)

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Tall People Problems

Most of our childhood dream to grow more height than other fellow children, As usual we always company height & weight to know ones strength,Even girls too prefer “height” guys as their lovers than short people.This is another reason at young age to grow taller, if you are too tall, then many

1)1st Question  “I guess you are rockstar in basket ball/Volley ball”


2) Even its hard to hug lover


3) People think we are giant eaters and serve huge


4)Back seated person always complains at theater

4 theater

5)After sitting uncomfortably at buses,theaters,chairs, Walking style will be changed like this for a while, because of pain

5 legs pain


6)”Help Please”, People used to ask us to pickup things which in top

6 mangoes

7) “Problems in finding bride/bridegroom”

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8) Should bend to see ourself’s in mirror


9) Elephant foot- Like body , foot also will be a giant foot, Its very hard to find desired footwear for our size, we should roam 5-6 shops to find 1 pair of matching shoes, else online order


10) Vehicle Problems : Most of the vehicles are designed for avg people, These vehicles would not match for tall people


11) Down your head always

head down

12) Other than crying at hidden places, nothing can be done.






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