This Is Why You Should Not Sleep Next To Your Smart Phone

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Side Effects Of  Your Smartphone Addiction : Do you wake up with a dizziness every morning? The reason behind this may be your smart phone .Yes, you read it right, It is your favorite smart phone that you are using in your daily life.In this digitalized world many of us addicted to social websites or apps like facebook,whatsapp,hike,instagram and many more.If you fall asleep unintentionally while browsing these social sites or apps then you are caught in a digital cage.
In this digitized world,smart phones have become a absolute necessity.People feel missing something if they are parted from one’s smart phone even for a small duration of time and most of us hold our smart phone through out the day.Addiction to smart phones is now at its peak level so that a person feel digitally handicapped if he loose or breaks down his smart phone.Nearly after two decades of its invention,smartphones have replaced so many traditional tools or devices that we use at alarm clocks,night  watches,calendars,flashlights,nightstand books,etc., that separating ourselves from them.Till now disabilities caused by digital devices are like muscle strains,elbow pain or thumb pain were a matter of concern but according to new study,sleeping with your phone next to your head causes serious threat to your health as well.
If you have a habit of keeping your cell phone next to you or under your pillow when you sleep you have to put an end to this habit,We give some good reasons why this is a bad habit –
1.Overheating-Due to the competition among smart phones manufacture companies most of us have high end mobile devices  at cheap price.Mobile devices with high performance have higher processing power and thus generates lot of heat.Now a days in our smart phones many apps continues to run in the background while you are asleep, due to this ,phone will heat up and it might damage and some times burst out.The resulting fumes may be toxic.So try not to hide your smart phone under your pillow,which most of us do to avoid it from falling off the bed.
2.Radiation-Every smart phone is a strong Electro Magnetic receiver or sender and communicate with your nearest cell tower continuously to maintain good signal strength.According to some studies any thing organic under prolonged exposure to electro magnetic radiation,have shown a sign of premature decay.But no conclusion made on ill effects due to electro magnetic radiation but make sure to stay away from any kind of radiation it may effect your brain because especially during the night your mind is trying to freshen up so keep you brain away from any kind of radiation.
3.Constant Disturbance-Sleeping is a form of meditation ,you should do it properly.But notifications on your whats app or facebook or hike leaves you anxious or worried about a certain thing and when you check them in the middle of the night,your sleep might get disturbed and some of us takes time to get back to sleep.As a result you have partial sleep in the night instead of full sleep and you wake up confused and depressed affecting your productivity for the whole day.It is healthy to disconnect from world and avoid those noisy notifications at night.
We are not against Technology,we too love Techonology but dont use it beyond your limits it may damage your health.We are human beings so do right things at right time of the day.

Are you getting headache ?

It may be because of your mobile phone radiation. Many reported about headache after sometime when they speak on mobiles. So beware of this largest biological experiment never done on human race(testing radiation over brain)

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