Top 5 dangerous cancers in women

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Top 5 dangerous cancers in women

Cancers in women: Women are vulnerable to various types of Cancers.body give a prior alert about these cancers.Women always should cross check these symptoms to know whether they are attacked by cancer or not. Cancer signs and cancer symptoms are listed here. We recommend you to cross them, how many types of cancer are there and Can Cancer be cured? Do you want to know about deadliest cancer list? The most aggressive cancer list has listed here. The fastest spreading cancer is very dangerous and also it is most painful cancer. Read this post and check out the symptoms and how to cure it naturally without any surgeries.

Can Cancer be cured:

Yes, some cancers can be cured, but only at starting stage of the tumor. There is the deadliest cancer are occurring to the woman nowadays. The deadliest cancer has listed out here. The most common cancer for the ladies is Breast cancer. The most dangerous cancer / most deadly cancer was cervical cancer. most common cancer in women was breast cancer. we have given the precautions below. Check out the how many types of cancer deaths by type. Read the complete most deadly cancers list and also symptoms of cancers are listed here. Check and examine yourself.

Most Deadly Cancers List



Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common types of cancer in the female, Now let’s check out the symptoms of breast cancer here.

Symptom 1: Lumps

If you find any lump or knot in your breast which is not paining, then it is a symptom of breast cancer.  It’s time for you to consult a doctor immediately. Mammography test must be done. Finding lumps might be a little difficult but undergoing self-exams on a regular basis will be vital for finding this symptom before it gets worse.

Symptom 2: Slight hardening

Sometimes, the lump may not he in a clear cut for you to find out whether its a symptom or not. In that case, check the both your breast on the same side where you find its hard or if u find lumpish feel.  Usually, due to composition of breast most of them are unable to find the difference, but it is recommended that if u find any go meet the doctor as soon as possible.

Symptom 3: Nipple discharge

There will be no discharge from the nipples unless you are pregnant or just had a baby. So if you find any discharge when you are not pregnant or just had a baby, then its definitely a symptom.  So, in this condition, you have to consult a doctor immediately.


Symptom 4: Change in the shape of your nipples

Normal shape of nipples is, they face outwards and should look healthy. But if you find any difference in their shape mostly like, ‘ in drawing’ or ‘ inward pull’ or if the direction they face changes is also a sign that there is wrong with your breast. Which ultimately means you need to urge to doctor.

Symptom  5: Change in the texture of the skin over your breasts

The skin around your breast should be soft and supple. But if find it think and hard more likely like a ‘orange peel’  then that definitely means there is something wrong for you skin around breast to become think and you need to get the reason for this thickening investigated immediately.

Symptom 6: Knots in your arm pits

The lymph nodes present in your armpits normally get inflamed when infected. But if you notice small ‘knots’ or nodes in your armpits that are hard or painful to touch, it might be a sign of breast cancer.


> Avoid wearing a black bra under sun.
> Avoid having overweight or obesity.
> Keep physically active
> Avoid alcohol or if u can’t then take only little.
> Eat healthy food and keep self diagnosing very often.


Normally, Cervical cancer doesn’t show early stage symptoms or signs. It shows it’s symptoms after getting worse like ‘ vaginal bleeding’ 



Bleeding in between normal regular menstrual periods.
Menstrual periods that stay for longer time from 15 days to 1 month.
Bleeding after Menopause( which is always dangerous for a women).
You will have Pelvic pain.
You will have pain during sex.
Bleeding after sex.

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> Quit smoking and do your best to avoid coming in contact with secondhand smoke.
> Practice safe sex or avoid sex with multiple partners.
> Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli will help you to build cells that helps to destroy cancer cells.
> Get the HPV( Human Papillomavirus)  vaccination

LUNG CANCERlungsSymptoms of Liver Cancer

Signs of liver cancer

  • A continuous cough.
  • Coughing up blood
  • Wheezing
  • Hoarseness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lung infections that will be repeating like bronchitis or pneumonia.


The most common type of lung cancer in women is Adenocarcinoma. These tumors very large and can spread in any region before they show any sort of symptoms, they grows often on the outer region of lungs. Starting stage or we can say them initial symptoms shown are:

  • Shortening of breath often.
  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Chest pain that might be severe when you take deep breath. This is because of the large tumors present on the outer region of the lungs where they cause irritation on the outer membrane of lungs when it need to expand.

Lung cancer often spreads to different parts like bones, brain, liver where it causes the cancer over that region. 


There is no good screening test available for Ovarian cancer. All the diagnosis starts with physical examination and symptoms and then followed by Screening tests.8-Early-Warning-Signs-Of-Ovarian-Cancer-You-Shouldn’t-Ignore

Symptoms of Ovarian

  • Fatigue
  • Changes in bowel habits ( irregular constipation and diarrhea).
  • Irregular menstrual cycles sometimes no menstrual cycles for months.
  • Difficulties in eating or feeling full quickly
  • Swelling of body parts like legs, hands, abdomen, suddenly which results in not fitting of clothes.
  • Shortening of breath.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Feeling tired all the time.

The above mentioned symptoms are very common but when you find these type o symptoms it is better to consult doctor immediately.After diagnosis you will find cysts in the ovaries. these are large masses that are fluid filled sacks which cause the tumors.


There are generally no precautions for ovarian cancer. But, having healthy diet is highly recommend to avoid this. Be active, when you feel you fall sick and find the above symptoms consult doctor and undergo all the tests. If you still feel the same, then try to undergo diagnosis often and consult your doctor regularly.


Symptoms cannot be rectified in Colon- rectal cancers. That’s why screening is recommended.

Colon-rectal cancer may cause one or more of these symptoms :

  • Changes in bowel habits like constipation and diarrhea
  • Narrowing of stool which may last for days sometimes.
  • Urgency to bowel but couldn’t have one.
  • Bleeding from rectal region.
  • Dark color stool due to blood in that.
  • Heavy cramps in abdomen.
  • Getting tired easily.
  • Weight loss without any workouts.

rbVbtoVPrecautions :

> Take an occasional Aspirin.  Which has properties to cut down Colon-rectal cancer risks
> Stop smoking
> Stop consumption of Red meat. Many studies proved that Red meat has many agents which effect intestines and causes colon-rectal cancers
> Deficiency of Calcium and Vit-D also causes colon-rectal cancer. So take care of these
> Obesity may also effect in causing Colon- rectal cancer, so try to cut down weight
> And try to have regular diagnosis if you feel you are effected with any type of cancers

Whatever cancer might be, having self-examination very often is highly helpful and in case of where you couldn’t identify any symptom but you still feel to have cancer then it is important that you need to consult the doctor immediately and have often regular diagnosis.

Have a healthy diet, Do regular exercise / Yoga, Be fit, Live happily, Have a happy life.Also, Check Top Cancers in Men



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