General Transfer Norms of Government Employees

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About Transfer Norms of Govt Employees:

Transfer Norms of Government Employees: General Transfer Norms of Higher Secondary Teachers and Government Employees, Government of Kerala has released the new notification regarding norms for transfers and also publishing of Govt staff as well as Higher Secondary Teachers. All the candidates who belongs to Transfers of Higher Secondary Teachers and also government staff in all the organizations in Kerala state will be part of this norms.

Transfer rules for govt employees

Now, lets check out the General Transfer Norms For Higher Secondary Teachers. In this article, we have clearly listed out the General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary Teachers and also Government Employees. The Transfer Norms of Govt employees have been reconsidered. On finishing of 3 years of their services on March ending day of the year, only those employees are eligible to apply for Transfer. The Higher secondary service duration will be treated for transfer process.

How Services are consider for Transfer:

Employees who have finished their services in some remote areas such as Kasargode, Wayand, Idukki etc and also who had finished their services in some districts will be also consider as 1 and half year services. Govt employees who are applied for transfer those must choose 1 home station for transfer. Candidates should remember that, the changing of home station can be done only once.

Now lets check about the Transfer Norms of Government Employees:

The Transfer norms of Govt Employees is the Condition of agreement fixed a 3 year term based for employment and also transfer. Every year, All the organization will have to make a priority list under the norms. All the transfer will be prepare in the queue system and follows the list. All the organizations will now have to prepare transfers and postings every year in the April and May months. In case of Government employees, The transfers will be carried out in April and May months in all the organizations.

Transfer Norms of Government Employees Details:

In case of schools, the Transfer norms can be carried out in July and August months every year. The state government concern officers also listed out the concerned transfers. The concerned transfers will be figured out after a period of the year. If, it is necessary, The state government officials can transfer any govt employee which is based on the public interest. Here we have mentioned the State government of new general transfer norms of Government Employees link. If you are interested, click on the link of Transfer Norms of Government Employees below.

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General Transfer application form 2017:

Check the below link to know the Transfer Norms of Government Employees. Follow the Transfer rules for govt employees link and apply for Transfers.

Official Link: Official Form of Transfer Norms of Government Employees




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