Tripura Transport Department

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Tripura Transport Department

Tripura Transport Department is also called as Tripura Road Transport Corporation. TRTC is the acronym of the Tripura Road Transport Corporation. In India, Tripura Transport Department is developed by the government agency which overlooks the public road transport in Tripura. The Tripura Transport Department is undertaking which is eligible under the act of right to information. TRTC is the government department which can handle every transport issues and also handles many other areas and transport related issues. The main headquarters of the Tripura Transport Department is located in the west district of Tripura, India. The headquarter office is for transport commissioner and also for other offices which are located in other regions of Dhalai.

Tripura Transport

Tripura Road Transport Corporation:

TRTC – Tripura Road Transport Corporation is managed by the Tripura Transport minister. The officers handle the follows the jurisdiction and operations perfectly. All the officials like the commissioner, Departmental of secretary and many other officials head the jurisdiction and also many other operations. The department of Tripura transport controls every operation and they built the regulations. Not only taking the decisions, the transport of Tripura also regards the vehicle movement, they also control all other improvements like building roads, street lights installation and many other developments. Department has also formed various acts for the best transport system which follows. Check out the act’s which are released by the department.

  1. State Transport and regional Authority of transport
  2. Motor vehicle (act)
  3. Transport Corporation (act).

Tripura Transport

Transport department Agartala

Transport of Tripura also handling the new advance transport services which contain Pawan Hans Services. Pawan Hans is nothing but a Helicopters. For the needy people, those who met with any health issues this Pawan Hans services are immediately reacting in an emergency condition in Tripura streets. Officials also provide the transport facilities to the hospital employees, army staff and also for many other official people’s like VIP’s etc. Department of TRTC also hires the buses and taxis.

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Official website:

Tripura Transport Services

  • Licence application status
  • Licence search
  • Tax Assesment and Penalty calculation
  • Registration Search
  • Vehicle Population Statistics
  • Road Accident Statement in Tripura
  • Details of Motor Driving School
  • List of Approved Vehicles Models
  • Category Wise Vehicle Strength
  • Road Tax Notification
  • Tripura Motor Vehicle Rules
  • SMS Based Service.

Tripura driving license is provided by the Tripura transport dept. Tripura state transport corporation provides the Tripura driving licence status, Tripura motor vehicle act and also Tripura transport form.



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