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VISA INTERVIEW: When living in Abroad, After finishing the studies in Abroad those students now can explain their analysis and discuss with the counselor. Many students have doubts about WHAT IS VISA INTERVIEW, How to get VISA INTERVIEW in a good way? Today we are going to clear all your doubts regarding VISA INTERVIEW, To know about the VISA Interview please go with complete Article. We have mentioned the visa interview tips, visa interview questions and answers in this current article for all the viewers.


To face the VISA INTERVIEW, Students must have Confidence. In an interview, they should tell anything very clearly and also in a straightforward manner. Students should keep these things in their mind before going to the interview. Students should also arrange all their VISA INTERVIEW DOCUMENTS to show it in the interview. Below we have mentioned the some of the interview questions about to agree your VISA., Check it out clearly the visa questions:

How many colleges did you apply to?
How many schools didi you get admitted to?
How many schools rejected you?
Have you been to the US Before?
Do you know your professors at that university?
What are their names?
The city, where your school is located in?
Why are you going to this university?
And also questions are also asked in which academic course you have chosen? So, get ready to face these kinds of questions guys.

Why are you going to the US?
What will you specialize in for your degree?
What will be your major?
Where did you go to school now?
Who is your current employer? What do you do?
Why are you planning to continue your education?
Can you not continue your education in your home country?
How will this study program relate to your past work or studies?

visa interview

They will also ask the questions which are related to the education and to test your knowledge. visa interview questions are like:

What are your test scores (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS)?
What was your previous GPA?
How will you manage the cultural and educational differences in the US?
How good is your English?
Why do you want to pursue a degree in the US?
Why not study in Canada, Australia or the UK?
What do you know about US schools?
Can I see your high school/college diploma?

Officials will also check the financial status of the students and also check the full form I-20. To know, whether students can bare the college fee and also the financial status of the students.

visa interview

What is your monthly income?

What is your sponsor’s annual income?
How do you plan to fund the entire duration of your education?
How much does your school cost?
How will you meet these expenses?
Who is going to sponsor your education?
What is your sponsor’s occupation?
How else will you cover the rest of your costs?
Do you have a copy of your bank statements?
Did you get offered a scholarship at your school?
Can I see your tax returns?

Officials can also ask about some of the questions regarding after finishing of your graduation, what you will choose and what you are going to do?

Do you have relatives or friends currently in the US?
What are your plans post-graduation?
Do you have a job or career in mind after you graduate?
Do you plan on returning back to your home country? What are your plans after graduation?
Are you sure you won’t stay in the US?
Will you continue to work for your current employer after you graduate?
In the above-mentioned type of questions will be asked at VISA INTERVIEW for students. But don’t be prepare for Question and Answer type, because this is not the examination right? Interview officials want to k now about your Education, Success, Future goals, Relatives in US etc type of questions will be asked at Interview. So, get ready to face the interview.

visa interview

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The interview will be for 60 Seconds to 15 minutes of time. Sometimes officials will observe you, whenever you are in standing in the line. To know, your behavior, attitude. First Impression is always the Best Impression Here, sometimes the first impression is also considered as Last chance. After entering the room, they will check the student’s behavior, education course, etc and here they will get some idea about the Students. So, students should wear neat and comfortable clothes for the interview. Don’t get tense and be cool to face the interview. While speaking to Visa Officer who is also called as VO, students must talk with a smile and give respect to the VO.


Generally, VISA OFFICER will ask the same type of questions in an interview for all the students. So, students must know some details about the University. Why have you chosen this university? You must explain and impress the VISA OFFICER with your answers.

Sometimes VISA officials will also ask the questions from your educational background. In which course you have good knowledge?
Why are you interested in joining in Masters/ Degree?
Students must submit all the certificates, Mark’s list, and also other documents should be carried with you.
GPA or other educational courses, Any backlogs etc should be explained to the interviewer loyally.
Explain about your goal and why you are interested in joining in degree? and also explain the, if you are interested in changing the specialization, why you are going to change?

After Degree:
Students must tell to an interviewer that They are Going for studies, After education, you will back to your country. Here is a chance, if any mistake has done here then your VISA will cancel. So, be careful while answering the Questions.
The interviewer will also ask about after getting US Degree, Returned to your country, What is your further step?
Students will have face more FACE TO FACE interviews. At last, “YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED” until this line has come from Interviewer, You must be honest, strong in front of the interviewer.

You must show all your financial documents, that you have the money to finish your education in the US. Students should also get ready with the answers to face all type of questions from Visa officer. Other visa questions are like:

Where is the University located?

Any Achievements of yours?
Any visited countries? (Especially America)
Any work experience?
Work Place?

Morely, practicing makes the interview easier. Practice in front of the mirror and note where ever you have done mistakes.

Important Note: Don’t Argue with the Counsellor officer. Once your visa has canceled, you must know some other important details. Ask kindly to give the VISA CANCELLATION in a documentary.

Visa Questions and Answers:

Visa Officer: Hello, Good morning!
Student: Hello Sir! Good morning!
Visa Officer: Please pass me your Passport and I-20 form.
Student: Sure Sir! (Gave it to him)
• Why have you chosen the US?
• To pursue MS in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas.
• Why UTD?
• UTD has good research in Computer Science. Especially the research in Cloud and Cyber Security area. UTD offers a unique curriculum on it. There is Information Assurance track for it. And the professors’ (better tell names of Prof.) recent research in this area is recognized very well. I want to research under their guidance.
• Oh! Cloud n Cyber Security. Good!.
When did you pass out your bachelors’.
• 2014
• What were you doing since then?
• I have worked at Infosys till this may.
• Then why are you leaving a job and going for studies again?
• Sir! at Infosys I was working as a support engineer which doesn’t have much scope in the area of product development where my interest is. For this, I want to have expanded knowledge. MS degree gives me practical knowledge on the latest research. (Don’t remember what I said exactly. Something related to above)
• OK. Who is sponsoring your education?
• My parents. And I have SBI education loan.
• What do they do?
• My father is a teacher in Govt. High School teacher and mother owns saree business.
• So which state you are from?
• Andhra Pradesh
• Pass me your bank passbooks and loan sanction letter.
• (Gave it to him)
(There are three passbooks. Two belong to my father and one is my mom’s. Better take passbooks that have transactions of past 6-9 months)
• (VO asked to explain some transactions in my parents’ passbooks)
• (Explained)
Suggestion: Know the sources of your funds very well.
• Ok! So you have 20lacks bank loan and around xx lacks savings, so according to I-20, this amount will be enough for one year. How will your manager second year?
• We have our own house of worth xx lacks and a building that we leased to a school of worth xx lacks and my parents have an annual income of 11 lacks. We will use these sources if we need money.
• Ok. I’m approving your VISA.
• Thank you, sir 🙂

These are the some of the visa interview questions and answers. Hope, this article may help you out. Follow the VISA INTERVIEW TIPS and Good luck to all the students.



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