Welcome to Impact Vizag 2015

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Welcome to Impact Vizag 2015

One of the most powerful talks by top trainers of India was organized at Vizag on November 3,4,5. Mr Gampa Nageswararao founder of Impact inaugurated the event with co-trainers with Vizag dist collector and police commissioner .

More than 2000 unemployed and under employed youth has benefited from this 3 days impact Program.

Sri JD Lakhsminarayana IPS was special guest speaker for the event. His speech target is for parent

Parenting class specially for Parents taken by Sri JD Lakshminarayana garu, BV Pattabhiram, Yandamoori Veerendranath,Gampa Nageswararao garu.

Many Personality development talk  covered by Sri Venu Bhagawan, Vangapalli Viswanadham, Sree Ram JVC, Uday Kumar, Venu Gopal Lakshmipuram, KVN Karthik etc.

Some of the topics are.

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Goal Setting, Be happy, Body Language, Exploring Internet, Communication Skills, Life Skills etc.







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