welfare department jharkhand bc loans

Welfare Department Jharkhand BC Loans

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BC Welfare Schemes of Jharkhand Government

Welfare DepartmentJharkhand BC Loans: Jharkhand is one of the states which provides a huge number of welfare schemes for the backward classes community in Jharkhand. The Jharkhand welfare scheme for BC development organization when compared with another state of similar sectors, the Jharkhand government subsidy schemes got a wide range. The Jharkhand govt loan scheme, scholarships, and education loan scheme targeted for backward classes of Haryana. The govt of Haryana state has totally targeted the poor families of backward classes to develop them, Jharkhand BC development corporation provides the Jharkhand social welfare scheme and loans are provided for the BC community of Jharkhand. To develop the BC candidates of Jharkhand, promoting social objectives like Financial support, Education, Shelter, Food clothing, and Health under the welfare schemes.

Jharkhand Welfare Department Ranchi, Jharkhand

The state government of Jharkhand has effectively developed the various welfare scheme Jharkhand state for BC community by providing the revolutionary welfare schemes for the improvement of the Backward classes community in Jharkhand state. The Department of Welfare of Backward Classes provides several corporation loans, Jharkhand welfare scholarship for the backward classes, De-notified tribes, Minority and also scheduled castes of Jharkhand state. The main target of the Backward Classes development department is to provide the activities of various departments in the matter of corporate loans and schemes which are issued for the development of the Welfare Backward Classes in Jharkhand state. Check the Jharkhand Welfare Scheme for BC Corporation Loans at the official website of Jharkhand Welfare department of Backward classes.

Welfare Department Jharkhand BC Loans

To support the people who are sustaining their individual lives under the double of the poverty line, Jharkhand welfare scheme department has targeted those people and issued several helpful and revolutionary financial assistance welfare schemes. Jharkhand Welfare Scheme for BC department has invited all the eligible candidates to fill up Jharkhand welfare scholarship online form. People can apply for the Jharkhand welfare schemes of backward classes. Due to the corporation vowed objectives and support towards backward classes communities in Jharkhand state. To maintains the development of the backward classes of the society, corporation issues many essential steps to improve and develop the social security of the focused communities.

Jharkhand Welfare Department Ranchi

Jharkhand agriculture subsidy scheme is also provided under financial assistance of the poor farmers of BC in Jharkhand state, providing the loan to set up a small business or providing subsidy agriculture land for them. BC Jharkhand scholarship scheme is also provided by the corporation, students who want to study and who belong to BC community of Jharkhand can fill the Jharkhand welfare scholarship form online. To improve the skill development and also develop the knowledge by providing technical education, BC welfare scholarship scheme is provided. Fill every field of Jharkhand welfare scholarship form with applicant details carefully.

List of Government Schemes in Jharkhand

  • Educational Schemes
  • Social Development Schemes
  • Self Employment Schemes
  • State and Central Sponsor Schemes

Educational Schemes:

Under this scheme, Jharkhand Welfare corporation provides the merit and technical education for backward classes students. Post matric scholarship schemes for BC students, under this scheme the post matric scholarship schemes are provided for the eligible candidates that annual income of the students family should up to Rs: 1 lac. Jharkhand welfare department has also provided an educational scheme for the students of BC to provide quality education and also provide hostels for the targeted community.

welfare department jharkhand bc loans

Social Development Schemes:

Under this scheme, Welfare department of backward classes of Jharkhand organizes inter-caste marriages. the spouse should be a BC community of Jharkhand state and one of the spouses should be an Indian citizen and allotted Rs: 1 lac of incentive for the couple. There are many social development welfare schemes of BC community. To support and encourage the financially weaker citizens of Jharkhand state, who are from BC community those can utilize the social development schemes of Jharkhand state for BC community.

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welfare department jharkhand bc loans

Self Employment Schemes:

Jharkhand State Welfare Department of BC has developed the various self-employment schemes to encourage the job seekers those who are from poor families of Backward classes by providing loans to encourage entrepreneurs by setting up small businesses. Under this self-employment schemes, the Tailoring Training to Backward Classes Widows/Destitute Women/Girls scheme has released to support the backward classes and also grants stipend to them. Opportunities by setting up Employment Oriented Institutes/Training Programmes is another Jharkhand welfare scheme which comes under short-term training like driving, food processing, air hostess etc providing for the poor families of BC students. Along with the training, the committee also provides a stipend for the candidate’s state.

welfare department jharkhand bc loans

Jharkhand Welfare Department of BC Corporation

Jharkhand state has secured for well established and a big revolutionary corporation which provides various loans and schemes of welfare commissioner Jharkhand compare to other similar government sectors. The state government of Jharkhand has completely focused on the poor families of backward classes to develop them, provides the welfare schemes for the BC community of Jharkhand state. For the development of the Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, Minorities, and Denotified Tribes or Schedule tribes of the society, Jharkhand state welfare department of BC took very prominent steps for the development of social security of the focused communities. The community of BC those who are financially poor and can’t sustain themselves, leading their life with their own resources in Jharkhand, can use the schemes which are provided by the Jharkhand state backward classes development corporation limited.

BC Loans in Jharkhand

Jharkhand BC welfare corporation provides various loans and schemes for the development of the people who are sustaining their individual lives under the double of the poverty line and who belongs to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Notified National Minorities, and Physically Handicapped (Persons with Disabilities) under Jharkhand BC loans, the department want to support and encourage them by offering scholarships and loans to them. Jharkhand BC development Corporation provides many bank loans on concessional rates of interest under direct financing schemes. The department of BC welfare corporation of Jharkhand has mainly focused on families of Backward classes communities to develop them, by offering social objectives to people who are sustaining their individual lives under the double of the poverty line.



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