How to check West Bengal Land Records of khatian & plot information

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West Bengal Land Records

West Bengal land records : Land Purchasers those who want to buy any land in West Bengal those should know the property details completely. People who have registered land under government and who need to check their land status in the state revenue department they can get their status with fresh details from the revenue department. west Bengal land records department has released the official website of banglarbhumi khatian & plot information of the West Bengal land records is an evidence which is the property on sale is free from mortgages. Follow the below steps to download the WB Land Record of the particular property in West Bengal. banglabhoomi, banglarbhumi

To know the latest updates of  WestBengal Land Records, you can use the WestBengal Land Records in mobile App 

Easy way to check land record in West Bengal:

In Banglarbhumi valuation of land web portal, we can find out the West Bengal land information. In the West Bengal Bhumi website, we can get the khatian & plot information of West Bengal land. People who want to know about WB Land Details, follow the below steps to check the West Bengal land records. West Bengal land records Department provides the West Bengal bhumi complete details. People who are in Land searching in West Bengal those should know the complete details of the WB land information of the particular land. To get a land record in West Bengal, follow the steps to check the West Bengal Land Records.

WB Khatian plot information:

Land record information system shows the wb land records. It will shows the online land records west bengal. To check the khatian plot information visit the west bengal land records department website. Candidates those who want to check the khatian & plot information by name can check out the details through directorate of land records & surveys kolkata, west bengal website. Check out the details of mouza map of west bengal at the plot information website. khatian & plot information

Viewers those who want to check khatian & plot information by name can follow the below steps. The west bengal land records department provided online land records west bengal website to check the complete khatian & plot information files. land record information system provides complete details of west bengal land records. banglarbhumi valuation of land details are available in

Download / Check West Bengal land records by following the below steps:

Steps to check the Banglarbhumi land value.

Step-1: Visit West Bengal land records department website to check the WB Land information.

West Bengal land records

Step-2: In this step, click on Know your Property button, to know your wb land record details.

Step-3: Fill up all the details such as District, Block and Mouza.

West Bengal land records


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West Bengal land records

Step-4: Here, you need to fill up the khatian or plot number.

West Bengal land records

If you select the khatian and filled the khatian field with number you will get the details like the below image.

West Bengal land records

If you select the plot number and filled the plot field with the number you will get the details like the below image.

West Bengal land records


These are simple steps to check the banglarbhumi land value or land record in West Bengal

Banglarbhumi land record

For any details, visit the West Bengal land records department website. Check out the procedure for Checking Land Records Online in West Bengal state. The West Bengal government of Land and Land Reforms provides the official website which will helpful for West Bengal citizens. In the official website, Banglarbhumi Khatian & plot information is available. People who want to check out the Banglarbhumi Land Value or records, check it from Banglarbhumi valuation of land website. West Bengal Land Records Department contains west bengal land records, visit the official wb land record website for land searching in west Bengal.



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