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How to Get Lost Passport : Candidates who are living in United states they don’t get regret for losing the money but they regret losing the passport. People who are looking for help and searching on the internet like ” I lost my passport ” those can check this post. If you lost passport/visa then you will definitely face the problem with the security Airport and also by the police force. Anybody who lost passport or passport get spoiled or stolen passport by thieves then immediately try to get the new one. But without having the passport and staying at United states is illegal, so we should apply for the new passport and use the duplicate passport for some days. Embassy authorities didn’t allow the duplicate passport through mail service. If you are staying very long distance to Embassy, then you can contact to Authority of a notary and you can submit a document with your Signature, Photo That “Infront of me, the applicant has signed” Get the certificate from the Authority of Notary. check this space and know how to get a new passport if your passport lost.

lost passport

What to do if your passport lost:

Required Documents to apply for new passport:
1) Details of lost passport ( the place where you lost passport) and also a copy of the passport.
2) Surety signature’s of two NRI’s along with their Copies of Passports.
3) Current living address details and also related documents.
4) Date of birth of the person.
5) Two colorful passport size photos.

All these documents can be forward through Mail or can directly submit in Embassy, then you will get the duplicate passport. If you lost second time your Duplicate passport or Original passport then you can’t get another duplicate passport. Police will start their inquiry on them. After receiving the duplicate passport, you must apply for the original passport. Still, people, who have doubts regarding this lost or damaged passport issue those can ask us in below comment section. we are always ready to clear your doubts, so please don’t hesitate to ask your doubts. Candidates still who are searching on the internet that what to do if lost my passport ?  or any other related questions those can use this information. People who have a doubt regarding how any types of US visas, what are there and what is the purpose of US visa types those can check it out in our recent post. We always like to help the people who look for genuine information on the internet. Our site NEWS.INDIANSERVERS.COM and our team members always try our best and also always come with Needful posts for the society.

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