Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location

Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location

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Whatsapp launches  New Live Location Feature

Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location: The live Location features provide you to share about the real-time location for the particular amount of time. You can select to share your WhatsApp live location android of with the members who are there in your group chat or with just one contact with an individual chat of latest WhatsApp app. You have to turn on location and also give WhatsApp new version location of the permission of your phone’s settings

WhatsApp Upgrade Version

You can also handle whether and how long to share your live location. You can also stop sharing your live location at any time you desire. If you stop or expire, your live location will no longer be shared. However, participants in the chat with whom you shared your live location will continue to see the initial live location you shared. This will appears as the static greyed out the image in the chat of WhatsApp update new version.

WhatsApp live location feature

This features of WhatsApp upgrade version is end to end inserted, where no one can see your live location except the people you shared of WhatsApp live location sharing. To know more about information on WhatsApp privacy, can read this article about WhatsApp live location feature.

Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location

Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location Usage

To share your live location of whats app updated version

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  • Open a chat
  • Then Tap Attach > Location > Share live location
  • You can select the length of time which you have liked to share your live location to upgrade my WhatsApp to the latest version. Your live location would stop being shared after the selected amount of time.
  • Tap Send

Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location

To stop sharing your live location of new WhatsApp app

To stop sharing your live location in a specific chat of features of WhatsApp new version

  • Open the chat
  • Tap on Stop sharing

To stop sharing your live location for all chats of whats app location feature

  • Open WhatsApp and tap Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy > Live location
  • Tap Stop sharing

Whatsapp New Version Using Live Location

Live Location WhatsApp latest version

You can turn off your phones location permission to the time you want of WhatsApp upgrade version by selecting the settings of your phone of WhatsApp latest version. WhatsApp new version for Android provides live location which is the new upgrade WhatsApp new version.



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